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Dr. Ben Fest

Research Fellow, Soil and Carbon

Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation (CeRDI)



Mt Helen Campus, Online

Current extent and future opportunities for living shorelines in Australia

The coastal protection and blue carbon benefits of hybrid mangrove living shorelines

A review of sediment carbon sampling methods in mangroves and their broader impacts on stock estimates for blue carbon ecosystems

Blue carbon ecosystems (BCEs), such as mangroves, tidal marshes, and seagrasses, are attracting...

Modeled approaches to estimating blue carbon accumulation with mangrove restoration to support a blue carbon accounting method for Australia

Fine-scale spatial variability in organic carbon in a temperate mangrove forest: Implications for estimating carbon stocks in blue carbon ecosystems

Impacts of land management practices on blue carbon stocks and greenhouse gas fluxes in coastal ecosystems—A meta-analysis

Developing a nature-based coastal defence strategy for Australia

On-farm trial on the effectiveness of the nitrification inhibitor DMPP indicates no benefits under commercial Australian farming practices

Soil methane oxidation in both dry and wet temperate eucalypt forests shows a near-identical relationship with soil air-filled porosity

Soil Methane Uptake Increases under Continuous Throughfall Reduction in a Temperate Evergreen, Broadleaved Eucalypt Forest

Changes in soil moisture drive soil methane uptake along a fire regeneration chronosequence in a eucalypt forest landscape

Fire in Australian savannas: From leaf to landscape

Reduced throughfall decreases autotrophic respiration, but not heterotrophic respiration in a dry temperate broadleaved evergreen forest

Repeated fuel reduction burns have little long-term impact on soil greenhouse gas exchange in a dry sclerophyll eucalypt forest

Differences in carbon density and soil CH4/N2O flux among remnant and agro-ecosystems established since European settlement in the Mornington Peninsula, Australia

The relationships between termite mound CH4/CO2 emissions and internal concentration ratios are species specific

Land use change and the impact on greenhouse gas exchange in north Australian savanna soils

Seasonal variation and fire effects on CH4, N2O and CO2 exchange in savanna soils of northern Australia

Soil-atmosphere greenhouse gas exchange in a cool, temperate Eucalyptus delegatensis forest in south-eastern Australia