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Dr Ashley Humphrey

Lecturer, Psychology





Mt Helen Campus, Online

Buffering the Fear of COVID-19: Social Connectedness Mediates the Relationship between Fear of COVID-19 and Psychological Wellbeing

Individualism, Collectivism, and Well-being Among a Sample of Emerging Adults in the United States

Meaning matters: Self-perceived meaning in life, its predictors and psychological stressors associated with the covid-19 pandemic

Past research has found that a perceived meaning in life can act as a protective factor against...

When the pursuit of happiness backfires: The role of negative emotion valuation

Recent research has uncovered a downside to the pursuit of happiness; placing a high value on...

The social contract revisited: a re-examination of the influence individualistic and collectivistic value systems have on the psychological wellbeing of young people

The prevalence of psychological health problems experienced by young people living in Western...