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Dr. Anna Fletcher

Director, Academic Operations (Acting)

Academic Operations - IEAC



Churchill Campus, Online

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Dr Anna Fletcher is the Associate Dean Teaching Quality in the School of Education at Federation University Australia. Dr Fletcher’s research expertise and publications address three areas: 1) student agency, achievement and self-efficacy within classroom assessment from a perspective of social cognitive theory; 2) practitioner research and teachers’ capacity building; and 3) the role of education to build human capital in place-based contexts.

Anna has successfully led and project managed a number of funded mixed-methods projects into teachers’ capacity building and place-based regional development through education, resulting in projects being completed within budget and on time.

Anna represents Federation University on the national consortium of fifteen universities developing and implementing the Graduate Teaching Performance Assessment (GTPA). She is a highly active researcher who has instigated research partnerships at local, regional, and international levels (particularly with Scandinavia).

Field of Research

  • Curriculum and pedagogy theory and development
  • Primary education
  • Teacher education and professional development of

A Possible Me? Inspiring Learning Among Regional Young People for the Future World of Work

Global challenges: South African and Australian students’ experiences of emergency remote teaching

Global challenges: South African and Australian students’ experiences of emergency remote teaching

‘More than Marking and Moderation’: A Self-Study of Teacher Educator Learning through Engaging with Graduate Teaching Performance Assessment

A Flourishing Brain in the 21st Century: A Scoping Review of the Impact of Developing Good Habits for Mind, Brain, Well-Being, and Learning

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The testing and learning revolution: the future of assessment in education

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Assessment to develop students’ strategies and competence as learners

Assessment has been called “the bridge between teaching and learning� (Wiliam, 2011, p. 50),...

Classroom assessment as a reciprocal practice to develop students’ agency: A social cognitive perspective

The links among theory, teaching practice, and evidence of student learning have increasingly...

Help seeking: agentic learners initiating feedback.

Effective feedback is an essential tool for making learning explicit and an essential feature of...

Assessment as a student-driven, reciprocal practice: a recalibrated, social cognitive perspective

Contemporary learning in Australia necessitates that students develop the capability to play an...

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Exceeding expectations: scaffolding agentic engagement through assessment as learning

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Reimagining and Transforming Identity as Rural Researchers and Educators A (con)textual Fugue

This paper presents the educational and research journey of a group of rural academics as a...

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How does student-directed assessment affect learning? Using assessment as a learning process

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How voice-recognition software presents a useful transcription tool for qualitative and mixed methods researchers

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