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Dr Anitra Goriss-Hunter

Director, Learning and Teaching

Institute Leadership


Institute Leadership


Mt Helen Campus, Online

Information Communication Technology in schools: Students Exercise ‘Digital Agency’ to Engage with Learning

In contemporary society nationally and internationally, the use of Information Communication...

“We’re in It for the Long Haul”: Connection, Generation and Transformation Through a School-University Partnership

A fine romance? Developing a transformational school-university partnership

This paper investigates the complexities involved in a school-university partnership between a...

An Exploratory Study on the Employers' Perceptions of ICT Graduate work-readiness

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Patchwork Girl: fractured maternal monsters

Rethinking IS graduates work-readiness: Employers' perspectives

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Teamwork and regional universities: The benefits for women of a third space (AUR 63 02)

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The Bad Mothers Club: In Cyberspace You Can Hear the Unruly Women Laughing

Womens’ Career Progression in an Australian Regional University

Are ERP Simulation Games Assisting Students to be Job-Ready? An Australian Universities’ Perspective

Deep and rapid changes in digital enterprise technology exceed the ability of traditional...

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Developing pre-service teachers: The impact of an embedded framework in literacy and numeracy

This paper focuses on the development of the academic and personal literacy and numeracy skills...

“Undoing” Gender: how the School of Science, Engineering and Information Technology (SEIT) Women’s Group works across university and community lines to promote inclusive STEMM. (Slovenian: »Odpravljanje« spola: ženska skupina šole za znanost, strojništvo in informacijske tehnologije ter promocija inkluzivnega stemma na univerzi in v skupnosti)

Hip Mama: Mother Outlaws in Cyberspaces

Becoming a mother is cataclysmic. It is experienced in a myriad of ways but always the act...

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You can visit Hotel Mommy: maternal bodies as browsing/consuming biotourists

The technologically charged public domain of cyber(cultural)space, often constructed in...

First in the family: Girls like us in the third space of regional universities

Forging a School-University Learning Partnership from a Teacher Education Perspective

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Connections through Dis-Identifications: The use of Cultral and Political Vignettes (CPVs) in teacher education

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Re-Imaging and Re-Working School - University Links Through Inclusive Community Building

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