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Dr. Angela Campbell

Senior Lecturer, Critical Studies

Arts Academy



Camp St Campus, Online


Dr Angela Campbell’s research and published work in theatre and performance has been both practical and theoretical. Dr Campbell has investigated performance from the archives, site-specific theatre, the politics and poetics of place, intercultural theatre, Indigenous theatre, contemporary paradigms and practices in theatre and performance, and practice-led research. Angela is currently exploring studies in voice and has completed a number workshops with Kristin Linklater in Orkney.

Angela’s research interests have developed from 15 years of experience as a freelance actor and theatre creator in a range of industry environments from mainstream to independent production. She co-founded Hildegard Theatre, which worked with culturally specific material and intercultural collaboration to create award-winning new work that toured nationally and internationally.

Angela’s most recent publication is a co-edited book, Located Research: Regional Places, Transitions and Challenges (Palgrave Macmillan, 2020). She is Program Co-ordinator of the Bachelor of Visual Arts at Federation University Australia.


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Performing Landscape: Landscape as Medium for Placemaking

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Kristin linklater, freeing the natural voice, in Orkney

This chapter is based on an interview with Kristin Linklater, master voice teacher for over 50...

Located Research; Regional places, transitions and challenges

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Regional Contexts and Regional Research

Recognising opportunity and acknowledging the challenges of conducting research outside of highly...

Soundings: Sensing and encounters in/with/of place

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A three-stage process of improvisation for teamwork: Action research

This study examines street performing arts students’ responses to using improvisation for...

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Performing Extinction: I, Animal and They Saw a Thylacine

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The Odyssey: Metaphors of Place and Space in Theatre and in Myth

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Performing Cultural Heritage: Authenticity and the Spirit of Rebellion

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Balancing risk? First year performing arts students' experience of a community arts event

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Living Heritage

  • CW - 1. Original Creative Work

Located Stories: the place of practice-led research

When Blaise Pascal talks about 'here rather there, now rather than then' he is talking about...

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The ethics of writing performance from the archive: The case of Georgiana Molloy

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Yandy: walking the uneven lie of a mining boom

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The more I study nature: Georgiana Molloy and the code of modernity

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The tempest: Creating dialogue from points of difference

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