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Associate Professor Andrew Stranieri

Associate Professor, Information Technology

Information Technology Group C



Mt Helen Campus, Online


Associate Professor Andrew Stranieri is an AI researcher at Federation University Australia. Dr Stranieri’s expertise in health informatics spans data analytics in health, complementary and alternative medicine informatics, remote patient monitoring, telemedicine and intelligent decision support systems.

Andrew is the author of over 200 peer reviewed journal and conference articles and has published three books. In 2016, he co-founded Anidra Tech Ventures Pty Ltd, a company that performs remote vital signs monitoring in Indian hospitals. The technology processes data from sensors worn by patients to detect a deterioration and alert remotely-located doctors and nurses to view vital signs in real time.

Andrew is Associate Professor in Information Technology at Federation University and currently leads the Health Informatics Laboratory. Prior to commencing at the University of Ballarat (now Federation University), he completed his PhD at La Trobe University and was awarded an Australian Research Council Australian Postdoctoral Award (Industry).

Research Partners with Lived Experience: Stories from Patients and Survivors

A Case for Causal Loop Diagrams to Model Electronic Health Records Ecosystems

A Study into the Impact of Data Breaches of Electronic Health Records

Classification of methods to reduce clinical alarm signals for remote patient monitoring: A critical review

Clinically Prioritized Data Visualization in Remote Patient Monitoring

Decoding Employee ambidexterity: Understanding drivers, constraints, and performance implications for thriving in the evolving work landscapes - A scoping review

Device Agent Assisted Blockchain Leveraged Framework for Internet of Things

Missing Health Data Pattern Matching Technique for Continuous Remote Patient Monitoring

A Process-Oriented Framework for Regulating Artificial Intelligence Systems

A study plan for investigating Smart brush for better oral hygiene in frail elderly

  • Conference Proceedings

A Systematic Literature Review on the Evaluation of Business Simulation Games Using PRISMA

  • Conference Proceedings

Business Simulation Games in Higher Education: A Systematic Review of Empirical Research

Deep learning model to empower student engagement in online synchronous learning environment

Deep Reinforcement-Based Conversational AI Agent in Healthcare System

Emerging point of care devices and artificial intelligence: Prospects and challenges for public health

Instructors’ Perceptions of the Development of Work-readiness through Simulations

  • Conference Proceedings

Remote Patient Monitoring for Healthcare: A Big Challenge for Big Data

Revisiting Social Media in Health Care: A Bakhtinian Carnival Perspective

Third Party Data Service Providers Can Enhance Patient-Provider Interactions: Insights from a Delphi Study

An Exploratory Study on the Employers' Perceptions of ICT Graduate work-readiness

  • Conference Proceedings

A Secured Real-Time IoMT Application for Monitoring Isolated COVID-19 Patients using Edge Computing

A survey on the adoption of blockchain in IoT: challenges and solutions

Melanoma classification using EfficientNets and Ensemble of models with different input resolution

Early and accurate detection of melanoma with data analytics can make treatment more effective....

Non-invasive Smartphone Use Monitoring to Assess Cognitive Impairment

Background: There are many tests for the early detection of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) to...

Only Can AI Understand Me?: Big Data Analytics, Decision Making, and Reasoning

On the Value of Social Media in Health Care

Open Banking and Electronic Health Records

The Open Banking model is a data sharing model emerging in financial services sector that...

Rethinking IS graduates work-readiness: Employers' perspectives

  • Conference Proceedings

The delicate balance of communicational interests: A Bakhtinian view of social media in health care

Purpose: This paper aims to use the writings of Mikhail Bakhtin to reveal new insights into the...

The Design of a Smartbrush Oral Health Installation for Aged Care Centres in Australia

The nature of intelligent analytics

Understanding the gap between academics and game developers: An analysis of gamasutra blogs

  • Conference Proceedings

A taxonomy for mHealth

Blockchain leveraged decentralized IoT eHealth framework

Dynamically Recommending Repositories for Health Data: A Machine Learning Model

Recently, a wide range of digital health record repositories has emerged. These include...

Gestalt Based Evaluation of Health Information Diagrams

Diagrams for four different health care settings have been proposed: Snapshot Diagram, Diagnosis...

Online dispute resolution in mediating EHR disputes: a case study on the impact of emotional intelligence

An Electronic Health Record (EHR) is an individual's record of all health events that enables...

Pixel N-Grams Representation for Medical Image Classification

Image classification has wide applications in many fields including medical imaging. A major...

Rapid health data repository allocation using predictive machine learning

Health-related data is stored in a number of repositories that are managed and controlled by...

Towards Smart Online Dispute Resolution for Medical Disputes

With the advancements in technologies, digitization of health records in the healthcare industry...

A Decentralized Patient Agent Controlled Blockchain for Remote Patient Monitoring

Blockchain emerging for healthcare provides a secure, decentralized and patient driven record...

A lightweight blockchain based framework for underwater iot

The Internet of Things (IoT) has facilitated services without human intervention for a wide range...

An efficient selective miner consensus protocol in blockchain oriented iot smart monitoring

Blockchains have been widely used in Internet of Things(IoT) applications including smart cities,...

Are ERP Simulation Games Assisting Students to be Job-Ready? An Australian Universities’ Perspective

Deep and rapid changes in digital enterprise technology exceed the ability of traditional...

  • Conference Proceedings

Blockchain leveraged task migration in body area sensor networks

Blockchain technologies emerging for healthcare support secure health data sharing with greater...

Comparing Pixel N-grams and Bag of Visual Word Features for the Classification of Diabetic Retinopathy

The extraction of Bag of Visual Words (BoVW) features from retinal images for automated...

Continuous Vital Signs Monitoring: Benefits And Challenges For Real Time Big Data Analyses

  • Journals

Criteria to measure social media value in health care settings: Narrative literature review

Background: With the growing use of social media in health care settings, there is a need to...

Integrating Biological Heuristics and Gene Expression Data for Gene Regulatory Network Inference

Gene Regulatory Networks (GRNs) offer enhanced insight into the biological functions and...

Patient-empowered electronic health records

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) constitute evidence of online health information management....

Personalised measures of obesity using waist to height ratios from an Australian health screening program

Objectives: The aim of the current study is to generate waist circumference to height ratio...

Remote Patient Monitoring for Healthcare: A Big Challenge for Big Data

Remote patient monitoring involves the collection of data from wearable sensors that typically...

  • Book Chapters

Semi-Invasive System for Detecting and Monitoring Dementia Patients

Dementia is one of the most prevalent conditions faced by the elderly caused by specific brain...

A patient agent to manage blockchains for remote patient monitoring

Continuous monitoring of patient's physiological signs has the potential to augment traditional...

Approaches for the visualization of health information

Clinical reasoning leading to diagnosis or treatment decisions in the modern era can be complex...

Comparison of Pixel N-Grams with Histogram, Haralick's features and Bag-of-Visual-Words for Texture Image Classification

Texture image classification is very useful in many domains. It has been tried using...

Continuous Patient Monitoring with a Patient Centric Agent: A Block Architecture

The Internet of Things (IoT) has facilitated services without human intervention for a wide range...

Data analytics to select markers and cut-off values for clinical scoring

Scoring systems such as the Glasgow-Coma scale used to assess consciousness AusDrisk to assess...

Deriving Value from Health 2.0: A Study of Social Media Use in Australian Healthcare Organizations

Health 2.0 is becoming increasingly ubiquitous. The features and functionalities of social media...

  • Conference Proceedings

Exploring reasoning mechanisms in ward rounds: A critical realist multiple case study

Background: Ward rounds are an important and ubiquitous element of hospital care with a history...

Framework for Integration of Medical Image and Text-Based Report Retrieval to Support Radiological Diagnosis

Medical images are vital part of diagnostics and patient treatment. With the advent of...

  • Book Chapters

Making the invisible visible Stimulating work health and safety-relevant thinking through the use of infographics in construction design

Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to examine the potential to use infographics to capture,...

Medical system choice: Information that affects the selection of healthcare provider in Australia?

Many complementary and alternative medical practices (CAM) are readily assessable in Australia...

Preventing elder abuse by providing safe & quality aged care for senior Australians (Supporting aged care nursing staff to manage behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia: iSeeBehaviour).

Managing challenging behaviours that are exhibited by aged care facility residents involves...

  • Conference Proceedings

Significance level of a big data query by exploiting business processes and strategies

Querying data is one of the most frequent activities in business organisations. The tasks...

  • Conference Proceedings

Supporting regional aged care nursing staff to manage residents' behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia, in real time, using the nurses' behavioural assistant (NBA): A pilot site ?eEnd-user attitudes' trial

Background: This regional pilot site ‘end-user attitudes’ study explored nurses’...

A count data model for heart rate variability forecasting and premature ventricular contraction detection

Heart rate variability (HRV) measures including the standard deviation of inter-beat variations...

An agile group aware process beyond CRISP-DM: A hospital data mining case study

The CRISP-DM methodology is commonly used in data analytics exercises within an organisation to...

A rule based inference model to establish strategy-process relationship

An effective relationship between business processes and their relevant strategies helps...

  • Conference Proceedings

Atrial Fibrillation Analysis for Real Time Patient Monitoring

Atrial Fibrillation (AF) can lead to life-threatening conditions such as stroke and heart...

A visual grid to digitally record an Ayurvedic Prakriti assessment; a first step toward integrated electronic health records

Efficient route selection in ad hoc on-demand distance vector routing

The protocol diversities of mobile ad hoc have already got hold of the field to a peak of a...

Pixel N-grams for mammographic lesion classification

Automated classification algorithms have been applied to breast cancer diagnosis in order to...

Significance level of a query for enterprise data

To operate enterprise activities, a large number of queries need to be processed every day...

  • Conference Proceedings

A Genetic Algorithm-Neural Network Wrapper Approach for Bundle Branch Block Detection

A Bundle Branch Block (BBB) is a delay or obstruction along electrical impulse pathways in the...

  • Conference Proceedings

A Heuristic Gene Regulatory Networks Model for Cardiac Function and Pathology

Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) and next-generation sequencing (NGS) has led to an...

  • Conference Proceedings

A model for the introduction of Ayurvedic and Allopathic electronic health records in Sri Lanka

Fully integrated electronic health records (EHR) provide healthcare providers and patients access...

A taxonomy for mHealth

Cost-analysis of teledentistry in residential aged care facilities

Introduction The purpose of this research was to conduct a cost-analysis, from a public...

Data-analytically derived flexible HbA1c thresholds for type 2 diabetes mellitus diagnostic

Data analytics identify glycated haemoglobin co-markers for type 2 diabetes mellitus diagnosis

Glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c) is being more commonly used as an alternative test for the...

ECG Reduction for Wearable Sensor

The transmission, storage and analysis of electrocardiogram (ECG) data in real-time is essential...

Group decision making in health care: A case study of multidisciplinary meetings

Recent studies have demonstrated that Multi-Disciplinary Meetings (MDM) practiced in some medical...

Information visualisation for the wicked problem of safe construction design

Prevention through Design has been identified as an effective means to enhance construction...

Missing Data Imputation for Individualised CVD Diagnostic and Treatment

Remote Monitoring and Mobile Apps

Texture image classification using pixel N-grams

Various statistical methods such as co-occurrence matrix, local binary patterns and spectral...

Addressing the Complexities of Big Data Analytics in Healthcare: The Diabetes Screening Case

The healthcare industry generates a high throughput of medical, clinical and omics data of...

AppA: Assistive patient monitoring cloud platform for active healthcare applications

Attitudes towards and use of homoeoprophylaxis: Findings of two international surveys

Background: The use of homoeopathic remedies to prevent infectious diseases, homoeoprophylaxis...

  • Journals

Business context in big data analytics

Diagnostic with incomplete nominal/discrete data

Patient admission prediction using a pruned fuzzy min-max neural network with rule extraction

A useful patient admission prediction model that helps the emergency department of a hospital...

Perceptions of façade risks: a preliminary analysis towards presentation of knowledge graphically

Prevention through Design (PtD) in construction has been identified as an important factor...

  • Conference Proceedings

Teleconsultation and telediagnosis for oral health assessment: An australian perspective

A scalable cloud Platform for Active healthcare monitoring applications

Australia's Under-Utilised Bioenergy Resources

The potential for bioenergy in Australia is very large with up to 50 million tonnes a year of...

Decision trees and multi-level ensemble classifiers for neurological diagnostics

Cardiac autonomic neuropathy (CAN) is a well known complication of diabetes leading to impaired...

Informatics to support patient choice between diverse medical systems

Performance evaluation of the dependable properties of a body area wireless sensor network

Teleconsultation/telediagnosis using teledentistry technology: A pilot feasibility study

This study assessed the feasibility of a teledentistry model for teleconsultation and...

  • Journals

Using meta-regression data mining to improve predictions of performance based on heart rate dynamics for Australian football

This work investigates the effectiveness of using computer-based machine learning regression...

Using meta-regression data mining to improve predictions of performance based on heart rate dynamics for Australian football

This work investigates the effectiveness of using computer-based machine learning regression...

Visual character N-grams for classification and retrieval of radiological images

Diagnostic radiology struggles to maintain high interpretation accuracy. Retrieval of ...

An approach for Ewing test selection to support the clinical assessment of cardiac autonomic neuropathy

Objective: This article addresses the problem of determining optimal sequences of tests for the...

A participatory information management framework for patient centred care of autism spectrum disorder

  • Conference Proceedings

Association of ankle brachial pressure index with heart rate variability in a rural screening clinic

  • Conference Proceedings

Capped K-NN Editing in Definition Lacking Environments

CWDM: A case-based diabetes management web system

  • Conference Proceedings

Empirical Investigation of Decision Tree Ensembles for Monitoring Cardiac Complications of Diabetes

Cardiac complications of diabetes require continuous monitoring since they may lead to increased...

Energy-efficient priority-based routing scheme for the healthcare wireless sensor networks

  • Conference Proceedings

Multivariate Data-Driven Decision Guidance for clinical scientists

Predicting cardiac autonomic neuropathy category for diabetic data with missing values

Cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy (CAN) is a serious and well known complication of diabetes....

Real-time Self-stabilizing Scheme for the Localization of Faults in Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Conference Proceedings

A comparison of machine learning algorithms for multilabel classification of can

  • Journals

Approaches for community decision making and collective reasoning: Knowledge technology support

Data mining Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): Lessons learnt from mining in law and allopathic medicine

Detection of CAN by Ensemble Classifiers Based on Ripple Down Rules

Empirical investigation of consensus clustering for large ECG data sets

Empirical investigation of multi-tier ensembles for the detection of cardiac autonomic neuropathy using subsets of the ewing features

  • Conference Proceedings

Empirical study of decision trees and ensemble classifiers for monitoring of diabetes patients in pervasive healthcare

Fault-Tolerant Energy-Efficient Priority-Based Routing Scheme for the Multisink Healthcare Sensor Network

  • Journals

High definition 3D telemedicine: The next frontier?

Evidence from the literature indicates that the degree of immersion often referred to as the...

Improving classifications for cardiac autonomic neuropathy using multi-level ensemble classifiers and feature selection based on random forest

  • Conference Proceedings

Insights from jurisprudence for machine learning in law

The central theme of this chapter is that the application of machine learning to data in the...

TEA: A generic framework for decision making in web services

  • Journals

The role of emotional intelligence on the resolution of disputes involving the Electronic Health Record

  • Conference Proceedings

Unification of Electronic Health Records and Holistic Medicine

  • Conference Proceedings

Water Allocation Argument Tree (WAAT): A tool for facilitating public participation in water allocation decisions

  • Book Chapters

A case for the re-use of community reasoning

In software engineering, the re-use concept is a design principle that improves efficiency,...

A reasoning community perspective on deliberative democracy

This chapter describes some of the current approaches to deliberative democracy and then...

A Reasoning Framework for decision making in water allocation: a tree for water decisions

  • Conference Proceedings

Decision Support Based Needs Assessment for Cancer Patients

  • Conference Proceedings

Does the Delphi process lead to increased accuracy in group-based judgmental forecasts or does it simply induce consensus amongst judgmental forecasters?

We investigate the relative impact of internal Delphi process factors - including panelists'...

Fault-tolerant Data Aggregation Scheme for Monitoring of Critical Events in Grid based Healthcare Sensor Networks

  • Conference Proceedings

Feature selection using misclassification counts

  • Conference Proceedings

Hybrid wrapper-filter approaches for input feature selection using Maximum Relevance-Minimum Redundancy and Artificial Neural Network Input Gain Measurement Approximation (ANNIGMA)

  • Conference Proceedings

Automatic sleep stage identification: difficulties and possible solutions

  • Conference Proceedings

Coalescing medical systems: A challenge for health informatics in a global world

As globalisation advances, patients in many nations increasingly access diverse medical systems...

Exploring novel features and decision rules to identify cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy using a Hybrid of Wrapper-Filter based feature selection

Group Structured Reasoning for Coalescing Group Decisions

Hybrid wrapper-filter approaches for input feature selection using maximum relevance and Artificial Neural Network Input Gain Measurement Approximation (ANNIGMA)

Preface - Technologies for Supporting Reasoning Communities and Collaborative Decision-Making

[No abstract available]

Technologies for Supporting Reasoning Communities and Collaborative Decision Making: Cooperative Approaches

The information age has enabled unprecedented levels of data to be collected and stored. At the...

A classification algorithm that derives weighted sum scores for insight into disease

  • Conference Proceedings

Deliberative discourse and reasoning from generic argument structures

Grid-based information retrieval solution for the aggregation of legal datasets in online dispute resolution

  • Conference Proceedings

Inference of Gene Expression Networks using Memetic Gene Expression Programming

  • Conference Proceedings

Online Group Deliberation for the Elicitation of Shared Values to Underpin Decision Making

Values have been shown to underpin our attitudes, behaviour and motivate our decisions. Values do...

An intelligent learning environment for traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners and students

  • Conference Proceedings

A study of the use of structured reasoning frameworks for improving students' reasoning quality

  • Journals

A web-based narrative construction environment

  • Conference Proceedings

AWSum - Applying Data Mining in a Health Care Scenario

This paper investigates the application of a new data mining algorithm called Automated Weighted...

AWSum-Combining Classification with Knowledge Aquisition

  • Journals

AWSum - Data Mining for Insight

Many classifiers achieve high levels of accuracy but have limited use in real world problems...

Dramatic Level Analysis for Interactive Narrative

  • Conference Proceedings

Enhancing learning outcomes with an interactive knowledge-based learning environment providing narrative feedback

Explicit representations of reasoning to support deliberation within groups

In practice, the reasoning that underpins problem solving and decision making is rarely performed...

  • Conference Proceedings

Re-Consider: The Integration of Online Dispute Resolution and Decision Support Systems

  • Conference Proceedings

Scalable Continuous Query Architecture for eCommerce and Legal Disputes

  • Conference Proceedings

ToolSHeD: The development and evaluation of a decision support tool for health and safety in construction design

  • Journals

Toward Computer Mediated Elicitation of a Community's Core Values for Sustainable Decision Making

  • Conference Proceedings

An Argument Structure Abstraction for Bayesian Belief Networks: Just Outcomes in On-line Dispute Resolution

  • Conference Proceedings

Classification for accuracy and insight: A weighted sum approach

  • Conference Proceedings

Dramatic Flow in Interactive 3D Narrative

The concept of dramatic level is crucial for a model of dramatic flow. We present a framework to...

  • Conference Proceedings

Narrative-based interactive learning environments from modelling reasoning

  • Journals

An interaction framework for scenario-based three dimensional environments

  • Conference Proceedings

A Tool for Assisting Group Decision-Making for Consensus Outcomes in Organizations

Knowledge based regulation of statistical databases

  • Journals

Knowledge Discovery from Legal Databases - Using neural networks and data mining to build legal decision support systems

  • Book Chapters

Supporting the design OHS process: a knowledge-based system for risk management

  • Book Chapters

The generic/actual argument model of practical reasoning

A scenario-based learning environment for critical care nursing

  • Conference Proceedings

Context-dependent security enforcement of statistical databases

  • Conference Proceedings

Deliberation using three dimensions

  • Conference Proceedings

Structured reasoning to support deliberative dialogue

Deliberative dialogue is a form of dialogue that involves participants advancing claims and,...

  • Conference Proceedings

Supporting discretionary decision-making with information technology: A case study in the criminal Sentencing jurisdiction

  • Journals

The integration of narrative and argumentation for a scenario-based learning environment in law

Narrative or story telling has long been used to structure and organise human experience. In...

Association rules and multiple variables in complex times series forecasting

  • Conference Proceedings

Forecasting a complex dataset with association rules

  • Conference Proceedings

Forecasting on complex datasets with association rules

  • Conference Proceedings

Knowledge discovery from legal databases

  • Book

Scenario-based learning environments

  • Conference Proceedings

Web-based decision support for structured reasoning in health

  • Conference Proceedings

Visualizing association rules for feedback within the legal system

An argumentation-based multi-agent system for e-tourism dialogue

  • Conference Proceedings

An argumentation shell for supporting the development and drafting of legal arguments

Discovering interesting association rules from legal databases

Generic arguments: A framework for supporting online deliberative discourse

  • Conference Proceedings

A global optimization approach to classification in medical diagnosis and prognosis

  • Conference Proceedings

Argumentation structures that integrate dialectical and monolectical reasoning

Argumentation concepts have been applied to numerous knowledge engineering endeavours in recent...

Tools for world wide web based legal decision support systems

Can knowledge discovery from databases enhance case-based reasoning for medical diagnosis support systems?

Case-based reasoning (CBR) which involves the representation of prior experience as cases,...

Generating a macroeconomic fuzzy forecasting system using evolutionary search

Hybrid rule - neural approach for the automation of legal reasoning in the discretionary domain of family law in Australia

Neural networks for defuzification of fuzzy rules: An application in macroeconomic forecasting

The use of an association rules matrix for economic modelling