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Professor Andrew Barton

Deputy Dean, Graduate Research

Graduate Research School



Mt Helen Campus, Online

A Survey of Commercial and Industrial Demand Response Flexibility with Energy Storage Systems and Renewable Energy

Ecological and statistical models to configure flow regime for environment benefit in highly engineered rivers: a case study in the MacKenzie River, Southeast Australia

Exploratory Survey of Australian SMEs: an Investigation into the Barriers and Opportunities Associated with Circular Economy

Investigating Near-Surface Hydrologic Connectivity in a Grass-Covered Inter-Row Area of a Hillslope Vineyard Using Field Monitoring and Numerical Simulations

A Review of Cascade Water Supply Systems

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Analysis of Water Quantity and Quality Trade-Offs to Inform Selective Harvesting of Inflows in Complex Water Resource Systems

Community structure and ecological responses to hydrological changes in benthic algal assemblages in a regulated river: application of algal metrics and multivariate techniques in river management

he flow regime of the Wimmera River was substantially modified due to the construction of a water...

Elevating engineering education via improved pedagogically based course structures

Importance of environmental flows in the Wimmera catchment, Southeast Australia

In this paper the environment, climate, vegetation, indigenous and European settlement history,...

Multi-objective optimisation to manage trade-offs in water quality and quantity of complex water resource system

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Temperature characteristics for a deep water supply reservoir: A case study for lake Bellfield

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Temperature dynamics in different body regions of decomposing vertebrate remains

River management and environmental water allocation in regulated ecosystems of arid and semi-arid regions – A review

Rivers make a significant contribution in providing goods and services for human well-being....

Study on Short-Term Streamflow Forecasting using Dynamic Artificial Neural Networks

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An unexpected decrease in urban water demand: Making discoveries possible by taking a long-term view

Forecasting supply and demand is fundamental to the sustainability of the water system. Demand...

Apportioning allocations to users of multi-storage water supply systems: A case study of making a complex volume shared system more transparent

This paper describes principles for the apportionment of water allocations to users of a...

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Exploring a flow regime and its historical changes downstream of an urbanised catchment

The rapid growth of Ballarat's urban area, an inland city of approximately 100,000 people in...

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Exploring the Application of Artificial Neural Network in Rural Streamflow Prediction - A Feasibility Study

Streams and rivers play a critical role in the hydrologic cycle with their management being...

Losing stormwater: 60 years of urbanisation and reduced downstream flow

The potential for stormwater to supplement traditional water supplies from upstream catchments or...

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Prediction of Clogging in Stormwater Filters Using Artificial Neural Network

Stormwater filtration technologies play a significant role in improving water quality and making...

Regression modelling for prediction of clogging in non-vegetated stormwater filters

Clogging of infiltration systems is the decrease in permeability of a filtration system and...

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Testing the robustness of optimal operating plans under various future hydro-climatic scenarios

A key challenge for water resources planning processes around the world is to develop operating...

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Understanding deep aquifer responses to interseam materials of brown coal mines

Brown coal deposits in the Latrobe Valley form part of the tertiary coal system of the Gippsland...

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A Weighted Sustainability Index for Selection of Optimal Operating Plans

The Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Project (WMPP) provides reticulated water to 36 towns and about 6000...

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Improving the independence of water allocation decision-making

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Prediction of monthly rainfall in Victoria, Australia: Clusterwise linear regression approach

This paper develops the Clusterwise Linear Regression (CLR) technique for prediction of monthly...

Statistical downscaling of general circulation model outputs to precipitation, evaporation and temperature using a key station approach

Using a key station approach, statistical downscaling of monthly general circulation model...

A history of water distribution systems and their optimisation

Water distribution systems have a very long and rich history dating back to the third millennium...

An assessment of the monitoring methods and data limitations for inflow and infiltration in sewer networks

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A structured procedure for developing sustainable operating plans for complex water resources systems

Water resources planning processes around the world are increasingly striving to incorporate...

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Exploration of the Trade-Offs between Water Quality and Pumping Costs in Optimal Operation of Regional Multiquality Water Distribution Systems

This paper explores the trade-offs between water quality and pumping costs objectives in...

Impact of Water-Quality Conditions in Source Reservoirs on the Optimal Operation of a Regional Multiquality Water-Distribution System

The impact of water quality conditions in source reservoirs on the optimal operation of a...

Potential improvements to statistical downscaling of general circulation model outputs to catchment streamflows with downscaled precipitation and evaporation

An existing streamflow downscaling model (SDM(original)), was modified with the outputs of a...

Sensitivity of algorithm parameters and objective function scaling in multi-objective optimisation of water distribution systems

This paper presents an extensive analysis of the sensitivity of multi-objective algorithm...

Statistical downscaling of general circulation model outputs to evaporation, minimum temperature and maximum temperature using a key-predictand and key-station approach

A key-predictand and key-station approach was employed in downscaling general circulation model...

Biofilm development in water distribution and drainage systems: dynamics and implications for hydraulic efficiency

Pipeline distribution systems account for the vast majority of the physical infrastructure in the...

Development of an algal response model to inform water resource system operations

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Morphology, ecology and biogeography of Stauroneis pachycephala PT Cleve (Bacillariophyta) and its transfer to the genus Envekadea

Stauroneis pachycephala was described in 1881 from the Baakens River, Port Elizabeth, South...

Multi-model ensemble approach for statistically downscaling general circulation model outputs to precipitation

Two statistical downscaling models were developed for downscaling monthly General Circulation...

Optimal operation of a multi-quality water distribution system with changing turbidity and salinity levels in source reservoirs

Statistical downscaling of general circulation model outputs to catchment scale hydroclimatic variables: issues, challenges and possible solutions

The aim of this paper is to discuss the issues and challenges associated with statistical...

Statistical downscaling of general circulation model outputs to precipitation - part 1: calibration and validation

This article is the first of two companion articles providing details of the development of two...

Statistical downscaling of general circulation model outputs to precipitation - part 2: bias-correction and future projections

This article is the second of a series of two articles. In the first article, two models were...

A benign approach to the preparation of freshwater bryozoan statoblasts for scanning electron microscopy (SEM) imaging

Several different species of freshwater Bryozoa, belonging to the genera Plumatella, Rumarcanella...

An algorithm for minimization of pumping costs in water distribution systems using a novel approach to pump scheduling

The operation of a water distribution system is a complex task which involves scheduling of...

Identification of five bryozoan species in the Northern Mallee Pipeline, Australia

Five species of freshwater bryozoans were identified in the Northern Mallee Pipeline (NMP) system...

Least square support vector and multi-linear regression for statistically downscaling general circulation model outputs to catchment streamflows

This study employed least square support vector machine regression (LS-SVM-R) and multi-linear...

Pumping Costs and Water Quality in the Battlefield of Optimal Operation of Water Distribution Networks

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A novel approach to optimal pump scheduling in water distribution systems

  • Conference Proceedings

Comparison of metaheuristic algorithms for pump operation optimization

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Configuring consumptive water transfers for ecological benefit: An algal response model for water resource operations

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Experience with the Grampians Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Scheme: A Case Study in Water Quality Risks, Unintended Consequences and Opportunities

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Framework for Multi-objective Optimisation of the Operation of Water Distribution Networks including Water Quality

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Issues Associated with Statistical Downscaling of General Circulation Model Outputs: A Discussion

  • Conference Proceedings

Minimization of pumping costs in water distribution systems using explicit and implicit pump scheduling

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Multi-objective optimisation method for water resources management: A multi-reservoir system case study

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Pipes, Ponds and People: Adaptive Water Management in Drylands

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Securing Water Supply in Western Victoria through the Implementation of Regional Pipeline Systems

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Statistical downscaling of general circulation model outputs to precipitation

Victoria suffered a severe drought over the period 1998-2007, when the annual average...

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A procedure for formulation of multi-objective optimisation problems in complex water resources systems

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Coping with severe drought: Stories from the front line

The last 12 years has seen extreme drought in western Victoria. This has impacted on the area in...

Development of hydraulic models for a complex and large scale water distribution system in regional Australia

Hydraulic simulation models have become a valuable tool to manage water distribution networks...

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Modelling the Environmental Water Reserve: A Case Study Exploring the Effects of the Environment's Water entitlement in a complex Water Supply System

An 8800 km pipeline has been constructed in estern Victoria to replace 17,500 km of open channel...

Multi-Objective Planning and Operation of Water Supply Systems Subject to Climate Change

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Statistical downscaling of General Circulation Model outputs to catchment streamflows

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Vulnerability of water and wastewater infrastructure and its protection from acts of terrorism: A business perspective

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Adaptation to water shortage through the implementation of a unique pipeline system in Victoria, Australia

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Characterizing the roughness of freshwater biofilms using a photogrammetric methodology

The physical roughness of a surface changes when freshwater biofilms colonize and grow on it and...

Design and Calibration of a Water Tunnel fro Skin Friction Research

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Freshwater Bryozoan Infestations in the Northern-Mallee Pipeline System

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Verification of a Numerical Model for the Prediction of Low slope Vertical slot Fishway Hydraulics

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A Case Study of the Improvements Gained in conduit efficiency by Cleaning a biofouled Pipeline

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A Free Surface Model of a Verticle Slot Fishway to Numerically Predict Velocity and Turbulence Distributions

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Application of HEC RAS to Hydraulic Modelling of an Irrigation Scheme to Determine Potential for Capacity Increase

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Hydraulic Roughness of Biofouled Pipes, Biofilm Character, and Measured Improvements from Cleaning

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Modelling the Future Use of Reservoirs: A Case Study Exploring the Impact of Operating Rules and Climate Change

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Optimisation of operations of a water distribution system for reduced power usage

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