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Ms. Amy Claughton

Lecturer, Teacher Education

Initial Teacher Education



Mt Helen Campus, Online


Dr Amy Claughton’s areas of expertise are in disability studies and connecting this perspective with play-based learning. Dr Claughton has received the Inclusive Education Summit Junior Scholar Award for her contribution to research on play-based learning for children with impairments.

Amy is also working to extend her research to incorporate inclusive education and inclusive pedagogies. Her specific research examines the agency of children with impairments in play-based learning, and the actions and responses from adults to facilitate and enable children to engage in play-based learning. Her research draws on critical ethnographic methodologies and incorporates the Mosaic Approach in developing inclusive methods to work for and with children.

Amy works at Federation University Australia in the School of Education. She is currently a Teacher Educator working in the field of inclusive education and draws on her research knowledge to inform and underpin curriculum development.

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