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Dr. Amin Soltani

Lecturer, Civil Engineering

Engineering Group A



Churchill Campus, Online

Converting optimum compaction properties of fine-grained soils between rational energy levels

Discussion: A Fuzzy Classification Process for Swelling Soils [Transp. Infrastruct. Geotechnol. 10(3), 474–487]

Discussion: Development of a Single-Point Method to Determine Soil Plastic Limit Using Fall-Cone Data [Geotech Geol Eng 41:4473–4485, 2023]

Discussion: Effects of Plastic Waste Materials on Geotechnical Properties of Clayey Soil [DOI: 10.1007/s40515-020-00145-4]

Discussion of ‘Factors influencing undrained strength of fine-grained soils at high water contents’ [Geomechanics and Geoengineering 13(4), 276–287]

Experimental study on cyclic simple shear behaviour of predominantly dilative silica sand

Modeling the Effects of Particle Shape on Damping Ratio of Dry Sand by Simple Shear Testing and Artificial Intelligence

Predicting the Compactability of Artificially Cemented Fine-Grained Soils Blended with Waste-Tire-Derived Aggregates

Reappraisal of linear shrinkage test for plasticity index determination and classification of fine-grained soils

Comments on “Possibility of using torvane shear testing device for soil conditioning optimization” by Avunduk et al. [Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology 107 (2021) 103665]

Comments on ‘Strength and Deformation Behavior of Fine-Grained Soils Reinforced with Hair Fibers and Its Application in Pavement Design’ by Ayothiraman et al. [Journal of Natural Fibers, DOI: 10.1080/15440478.2021.1954129]

Compressibility Behavior of Soft-Rigid Granular Mixtures Bound with Polyurethane Binder

Discussion of “Behaviour of a Foam Mixture as a Lightweight Construction Material” [Int J of Geosynth and Ground Eng (2021) 7(3), 51]

Discussion: Predicting Compaction Properties of Soils at Different Compaction Efforts

Discussion: The Impact of Variation of Gypsum and Water Content on the Engineering Properties of Expansive Soil [DOI: 10.1007/s40515-021–00192-5]

Experiments and Dimensional Analysis of Waste Tire-Based Permeable Pavements

This study investigates the stress–strain response of a novel high-porosity semi-bound soft–rigid...

Intermittent swelling and shrinkage of a highly expansive soil treated with polyacrylamide

This laboratory study examines the potential use of an anionic polyacrylamide (PAM)-based...

Machine learning techniques for relating liquid limit obtained by Casagrande cup and fall cone test in low-medium plasticity fine grained soils [Eng. Geol. (2021) 294, 106381]

Reappraisal of Fall-Cone Flow Curve for Soil Plasticity Determinations

Stabilization of a highly expansive soil using waste-tire-derived aggregates and lime treatment

An objective framework for determination of the air-entry value from the soil–water characteristic curve

The air-entry value (AEV) suction, marking the transition between saturated and unsaturated soil...

Discussion: A comparative study on the application of artificial intelligence networks versus regression analysis for the prediction of clay plasticity [Arab J Geosci (2021) 14(7), 534]

Discussion: Determining the plasticity properties of high plastic clays: a new empirical approach [Arab J Geosci (2020) 13(11), 394]

This article presents a discussion of the Arabian Journal of Geosciences, 394, Vol. 13, No. 11,...

Improved shear strength performance of compacted rubberized clays treated with sodium alginate biopolymer

This study examines the potential use of sodium alginate (SA) biopolymer as an environmentally...

Improving the behaviours of expansive soils using recycled tyres

  • Conference Proceedings

Infiltration rates of recycled tyre-based permeable asphalt pavements and future maintenance

  • Conference Proceedings

Mechanical Performance of Tire-Derived Aggregate Permeable Pavements Under Live Traffic Loads

Modeling the compaction characteristics of fine-grained soils blended with tire-derived aggregates

Reappraisal of the astm/aashto standard rolling device method for plastic limit determination of fine-grained soils

Given its apparent limitations, various attempts have been made to develop alternative testing...

A dimensional description of the unconfined compressive strength of artificially cemented fine-grained soils

This study aims at establishing a universal predictive model for the unconfined compressive...

A novel formula for the prediction of swelling pressure of compacted expansive soils

[No abstract available]

Discussion: Influence of external stress and initial density on the volumetric behavior of an expansive clay during wetting [Environ Earth Sci (2020) 79(10), 211]

[No abstract available]

Discussion of "the flow index of clays and its relationship with some basic geotechnical properties" by G. Spagnoli, M. Feinendegen, L. di Matteo, and D. A. Rubinos, published in geotechnical testing journal 42, no. 6 (2019): 1685-1700

[No abstract available]

Effect of pore water chemistry on the behaviour of a kaolin–bentonite mixture during drying and wetting cycles

The behaviour of a kaolin–bentonite mixture with different pore water chemistry, i.e. distilled...

Field performance monitoring of waste tire-based permeable pavements

Traditional pavements in urban areas are often impervious, resulting in augmented surface run-off...

Improved geotechnical behavior of an expansive soil amended with tire-derived aggregates having different gradations

This experimental laboratory study examines the potential use of tire-derived aggregate (TDA)...

A note on determination of the preconsolidation pressure

The preconsolidation pressure, σ 0y, is commonly interpreted by means of empirical...

Application of slag–cement and fly ash for strength development in cemented paste backfills

The present study investigates the combined capacity of a newly developed slag-blended cement...

A simplified method for determination of the soil–water characteristic curve variables

The air-entry value and residual state suction are two critical variables obtained from the...

A sulphonated oil for stabilisation of expansive soils

The efficiency of a commercially manufactured sulphonated oil (SO) agent in treating a highly...

Comments on “effect of wetting–drying–freezing–thawing cycles on the swelling behaviour of the Yanji mudstone” [Environ Earth Sci (2019) 78: 435]

[No abstract available]

Consistency limits and compaction characteristics of clay soils containing rubber waste

The aim of the study reported in this paper was to develop practical correlative models capable...

Discussion of "compaction and Strength Behavior of Tire Crumbles-Fly Ash Mixed with Clay" by Akash Priyadarshee, Arvind Kumar, Deepak Gupta, and Pankaj Pushkarna

[No abstract available]

Discussion of “Optimization of carpet waste fibers and steel slag particles to reinforce expansive soil using response surface methodology” by M. Shahbazi, M. Rowshanzamir, S.M. Abtahi, S.M. Hejazi [Appl. Clay Sci., doi:10.1016/j.clay.2016.11.027]

Shahbazi et al. (2017) adopted the response surface methodology (RSM) technique to evaluate the...

Discussion on “Effects of lime addition on geotechnical properties of sedimentary soil in Curitiba, Brazil” [J Rock Mech Geotech Eng 10 (2018) 188–194]

The present discussion aims at complementing the original work published by Baldovino et al....

Engineering reactive clay systems by ground rubber replacement and polyacrylamide treatment

This study investigates the combined performance of ground rubber (GR), the additive, and...

Experiments and dimensional analysis of contaminated clay soils

An experimental programme was developed to investigate the influence of three viscous-dominant...

Improving workability of cement paste backfill using new binders

  • Conference Proceedings

Interfacial shear strength of rubber-reinforced clays: A dimensional analysis perspective

The present study aims towards the development of practical dimensional models capable of...

Mechanical behavior of micaceous clays

This study aims to investigate the effect of mica content on the mechanical properties of clays....

Mechanical performance of Jute Fiber-reinforced micaceous clay composites treated with Ground-Granulated Blast-Furnace Slag

The combined capacity of Jute Fibers (JF), the reinforcement, and Ground-Granulated Blast-Furnace...

Optimization model for integrated river basin management with the hybrid WOAPSO algorithm

This work examines the effectiveness of a newly-developed optimization framework for river basin...

Strength development and strain localization behavior of cemented paste backfills using Portland cement and fly ash

This study examines the combined performance of Portland cement (PC), the binder, and fly ash...

Swell-shrink behavior of rubberized expansive clays during alternate wetting and drying

The present study examines rubber’s capacity of improving the swell-shrink potential of expansive...

Swell–shrink–consolidation behavior of rubber–reinforced expansive soils

This study examines the effects of two types of recycled tire rubber of fine and coarse...

A framework for interpretation of the compressibility behavior of soils

This paper aims at the development of a regression-aided analytical framework for modeling and...

Expansion, consolidation, compaction and strength characteristics of rubber-reinforced expansive soils

  • Conference Proceedings

Rubber powder-polymer combined stabilization of South Australian expansive soils

This study examines the combined capacity of rubber powder inclusion and polymer treatment in...

Stabilization of soft clay using short fibers and poly vinyl alcohol

In this study, the effect of the combined addition of fibers and a nontraditional polymer on the...

Swell–compression characteristics of a fiber–reinforced expansive soil

This study presents results of an experimental program with respect to fiber's capacity of...

Treatment of expansive soils with quality saline pore water by cyclic drying and wetting

Expansive soils can be found in many parts of the world particularly in arid and semi-arid...

Swelling Potential of a Stabilized Expansive Soil: A Comparative Experimental Study

The efficiency of typical chemical and mechanical soil stabilization techniques in mitigating the...

Discussion of “Compressibility Behavior of Soils: A Statistical Approach” by Syed Iftekhar Ahmed and Sumi Siddiqua [Geotechnical and Geological Engineering, doi: 10.1007/s10706-016-9996-7]

Ahmed and Siddiqua (2016) introduced a new regression-based relationship in the form of a...

Models for predicting the seepage velocity and seepage force in a fiber reinforced silty soil

Randomly reinforced soil is used in hydraulic projects such as temporary canals, earth dams,...