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Dr. Alan Labas

Senior Lecturer, Management

Business - GPS



Mt Helen Campus, Online

Field of Research

  • Small business organisation and management
  • Organisation and management theory
  • Tourism management

Bacterial nanocellulose production using cost-effective, environmentally friendly, acid whey based approach

External business knowledge transmission: a conceptual framework

Now is the time: VFR travel desperately seeking respect

Visiting friends and relatives (VFR) is a significant form of travel in most countries. However,...

Government Funded Business Programs: advisory help or hindrance

  • Journals

Government Business Programs and Regional Business Knowledge Transmission by Professional Business Advisors

Based on research seeking to understand mechanisms affecting the provision of small business...

  • Conference Proceedings

Business advisor knowledge and knowledge transference: A conceptual framework

Prior studies raise the question of how business advisors’ knowledge affects the provision of...