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Associate Professor Abdel Halabi

Associate Professor, Accounting

Business Group C



Berwick Campus, Online


Dr Abdel K Halabi is a senior lecturer in accounting. Dr Halabi’s expertise includes the scholarship of accounting education, corporate social reporting and accounting history. Abdel also specialises in sporting history.

Abdel has published in leading journals including Issues in Accounting Education and Accounting Education: An International Journal. His links with sporting clubs have led to research in refereed publications such as Accounting History, Business History, Journal of Sports Management, Australian Economic History Review and The International Journal of the History of Sport. Abdel is current co-editor of Sporting Traditions, the journal of the Australian Society for Sports History.

Abdel is also the Chair of CPA Australia’s Gippsland Branch Council, and a Fellow of the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ). As a leader, he is heavily involved in CAANZ’s mentor program. Abdel received his PhD in Accounting from Monash University in 2004.

Field of Research

  • Accounting, auditing and accountability not elsewh
  • Economics, business and management curriculum and
  • Sustainability accounting and reporting

Chinese students’ decisions to study in Australia after the COVID pandemic-based on the PESTLE factor analysis

Gender construction and the invisibility of women’s accounting activities: the All Nations’ Fair of 1895

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The Financial Impact of World Series Cricket on Australia’s State Cricket Associations, 1974–1982

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Evading labour market regulations to preserve team performance: evidence from the Victorian Football League, 1930-70

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Social responsibility by Australian football clubs in the 1890s

Stadium construction and the distribution of winning percentages in the English and Scottish football leagues, 1888-89 to 1938-39

Stadiums and Scheduling: Measuring Deadweight Losses in the Victorian Football League, 1920–70

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Storytelling and Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting: A Review of BHP 1992–2017

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Bangladesh accountants and Continuing Professional Development: Views from a less developed country

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The Neo-Institutionalism Influences on Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting Development in Australia: A Three Company Study

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Ecotourism participation intention in Australia: Mediating influence of social interactions

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A cricket ground or a football stadium? The business of ground sharing at the Adelaide Oval before 1973

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Ground sharing between cricket and football in Australia

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Historical Evidence of the Social Contribution of Annual General Meetings to Australian Football Communities

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Australian Rural Accountants' Views on How Locally Provided CPD Compares with City-based Provision

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Increasing the usefulness of farm financial information and management A qualitative study from the accountant's perspective

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CPD Practice of Rural Accountants: How does locally based CPD compare with that of a Capital City?

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Examining the satisfaction levels of continual professional development provided by a rural accounting professional body

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Preliminary evidence of a relationship between the use of online learning and academic performance in a South African first-year university accounting course

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An investigation of the efficiency of South Africa's sector education and training authorities (SETA's)

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Expanding Social Inclusion in Community Sports Organizations: Evidence from Rural Australian Football Clubs

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Asymmetry of information and the finance-growth nexus in emerging markets: empirical evidence using panel VECM analysis

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Football history off the field: Utilising archived accounting reports to challenge myths about the history of an Australian football club

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The use of multiple performance measures and the balanced scorecard (BSC) in Bangladeshi firms: an empirical investigation

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Empirical study of the underlying theoretical hypotheses in the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) model: Further evidence from Bangladesh

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The roles of degree of competition and types of business strategies in adopting multiple performance measurement practices: Some reflections from Bangladesh

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Understanding financial information used to assess small firm performance: An Australian qualitative study

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A citation analysis measuring the impact of Albrecht & Sack (2000)

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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting: A study of selected banking companies in Bangladesh

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Empirical evidence examining the academic performance of students in the first two accounting subjects

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The influence of Quran and Islamic financial transactions and banking

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