New research centre to find digital solutions for a prosperous future


Federation University Australia has launched a new research centre that will use digital technology to help Australian communities to prosper, manage natural resources and safeguard against cyber-attacks.

Working in fields of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, digital economy and smart learning technologies, the Centre for Smart Analytics (CSA) will help develop long-term innovative solutions in partnership with industries, government and communities.

It will support breakthrough technology solutions and the Australian Government’s digital economy strategy, help lift global competitiveness, boost industrial productivity and strengthen national security.

The new centre will take a multi-faceted approach to the challenges of the modern world, bringing together researchers from across the university into multidisciplinary teams.

This includes computer scientists, engineers, mathematicians, business strategists, and education specialists, who will conduct high-impact, world-class research in partnership with local industries and globally reputed universities.

Co-located across the University’s Victorian campuses, the CSA will be led by internationally recognised computer scientist, Professor Joarder Kamruzzaman and optimisation researcher, Professor and Australian Research Council (ARC) College of Expert member, Professor Adil Baghirov.


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