New research hub for Wimmera Campus


Federation University Australia is strengthening its research capabilities in western Victoria with the launch of a new research hub at its Wimmera Campus in Horsham and the appointment of a leading economics professor to head up the Ararat Jobs and Technology Precinct.

The Horsham Research Hub is part of Federation University’s Future Regions Research Centre, which is focussed on partnering with local industry, community and government to tackle the big issues facing regional communities.

The focus in the Wimmera region will include how geography and dispersed populations impact service delivery and the best ways to guarantee that communities and individuals do not experience social and economic exclusion. Other projects will look at rural economic drivers and how regulation change impacts local economies.

The Horsham Research Hub will be led by Dr Cathy Tischler and supported by Dr Kelsey Macdonald.

New tool highlights our valuable urban wetlands

12 June 2024

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Empowering research with data catalogue for grains industry

11 June 2024

A national data catalogue will give researchers access to years' worth of information and accelerate the release of new technology and knowledge in the grains industry.


Testing for avian flu on the frozen continent

6 June 2024

VIDEO  Dr Meagan Dewar’s work in wildlife disease surveillance has taken her to Antarctica where she has led an international team of researchers searching for the deadly and fast spreading avian flu.