Why choose FedUni?

Federation University Australia (FedUni) is a fully recognised and supported Australian Government university, and our graduates have rated us 5 stars for Teaching Quality seven years in a row*.

Industry-relevant programs

Our programs are regularly reviewed to ensure they have national and international relevance. The University's close links with major industries play an important role in the design and academic rigour of programs which will greatly benefit new graduates. Browse our Course Finder

Accessible teaching staff

A personalised learning approach in a supportive environment allows our students to communicate easily with academic staff and other students. Our class sizes are also smaller than most metropolitan institutions, meaning you can receive one-to-one assistance directly from your lecturer or tutor.

High quality resources

Our teaching facilities and equipment meet the very highest standards to ensure graduates are well prepared for industry and research. Learn more about the facilities at FedUni

Diverse student population

The student population at FedUni includes people from all over the world. This combination of Australian and international cultures will provide you with a positive and enriching on-campus experience.

A supportive environment

The International Student Support team provide guidance and support through a number of programs and support options, including the Peer Support Program, social activities and information, and individual assistance. Learn more about International Student Support

A quality lifestyle

Our main campuses, regionally located in Ballarat and Gippsland, provide a natural environment to undertake your study. No matter which campus you choose, the quality study environment and the opportunity to experience regional living in Australia will provide a valuable international experience. There are also many recreational experiences nearby, such as beaches, mountains, national parks and cultural activities, which all combine to provide a unique Australian study experience. The Ballarat and Gippsland campuses are 1.5 to 2 hours by car or train from Melbourne. Learn more about our campuses

Pleasant climate

Summers in Victoria are warm to hot during the day, but usually cool down at night. The average daytime temperature in summer ranges around the mid 20 degrees Celsius but may reach 35 degrees Celsius or higher. Spring and Autumn are usually mild and pleasant. Winter is cold and often wet. It may snow lightly once or twice a year. Daytime temperatures in Winter may be between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius, while at night the temperature may be as low as zero degrees Celsius.

A genuine Australian experience

You will have the opportunity to interact with a diverse range of people, establish friendships and develop a supportive base from which to understand Australian people, culture and history.

Quality, low cost living

The cost of living in Ballarat and Churchill is much lower than in larger capital cities. Students will enjoy more affordable accommodation, living and entertainment costs in a quality environment that is ideal for studying, learning and experiencing life in Australia. A wide range of accommodation options and support is provided to students looking to relocate to Ballarat or the Gippsland areas.

Pathways to study

Don't quite meet the English Language Requirements for the degree you want to study? Our English and Academic Preparation (EAP) programs can help you improve your English skills and allow you to pursue your career goals. Learn more about our EAP programs

Graduate employment success

We have the highest graduate employment rating of any Victorian-based university. Over 79% of our graduates are employed full-time^, over 14% of our graduates continue into full-time study^ and our graduates have rated us 5 stars for overall satisfaction.*

*Source: The Good Uni Guide 2014

**Source: The Good Uni Guide 2010/2011/2012/2013/2014/2015/2016

^Source: myuniversity.gov.au