When you receive your CoE

We're so glad you chose Federation University - what now?

Welcome to the Federation Family - we can't wait to meet you soon! Orientation for Semester 1 2022 is on the following dates and please make sure you plan to be available for the whole day, each day. For the full details, please visit the Orientation webpage:

Brisbane Campus:
Monday 14 to Wednesday 16 March

Ballarat, Berwick and Gippsland campuses:
Master of Social Work: Friday 18 and Monday 21 February
All other courses: Monday 21 to Thursday 24 February (each program will have a different schedule, you can find your specific schedule on the Orientation webpage)

There will also be social events throughout the week and weeks following - these are optional, but highly recommended!

Partner locations (ATMC/MIT/IIBIT etc.): You will be contacted separately with all the information you need.

Orientation could be several months away, so what do you need to know in the meantime? Some of these tips are not applicable to those of you starting your course from your home country, but we hope that you'll be able to come and join us soon!

1. Apply for your Visa immediately

If you're an international student, don't delay your visa application, no matter how long it is until orientation. You can apply online through the Australian Home Affairs website, and everything you need to know about the visa is on the Department of Home Affairs website. Remember, to apply for your visa, you will need your CoE, evidence of your OSHC, identity documents, evidence of your English language level and more.

2. Book your flights

We would strongly recommend you don't do this prior to getting visa approval, as getting refunds from airlines can be difficult. When you've got your visa, we advise you to arrive in Australia around 1 week prior to orientation. This gives you the chance to get over jet lag, find somewhere to live and start to explore your new home. When booking flights, also bear in mind Federation's free Airport Transfer Service - arranging to arrive in time to take advantage of this could save you at least $200 in travel and accommodation on arrival.

Try to arrive within normal business hours if you can (Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm) - it may cost you a little more, but it will save you a lot of time and hassle when you get here.

3. Start to budget

Here's our guide to how much it might cost to live while you study. If you're living in Melbourne or other big city, Insider Guides has a great cost of living calculator so you can work out exactly what your weekly spend will be:

CampusShared accommodation Per weekUtilities: (electricity, gas) Per weekFood: based on cooking own food Per weekInternet/phone Per week
Ballarat/GippslandAUS $80 - $150AUD $25 - $40AUD $50 - $100AUD $20 - $30
Melbourne (averaged)AUD $175 - $360AUD $65 - $100AUD $50 - $100AUD $20 - $30

4. If you're bringing children, think about school

Did you know that if you bring school-age children with you to Australia as dependents it is compulsory that they enrolled full time at school?

Tuition fees are the same for all government schools in Victoria. Fee exemptions may apply if you are an HDR student, or receiving a fully funded scholarship from the Australian Government. Fee discounts are available for children whose parents are studying at a Victorian University or TAFE, but private schools choose their own fee structure.

For more information about enrolling your child in a government school, please visit Study in Victoria. If you are interested in private schools, please visit Independent Schools Victoria for school listings. If you have any questions regarding your child's schooling in Australia, please contact international@edumail.vic.gov.au.

Questions about getting organised?

For questions about your CoE, Visa or OSHC contact International Admissions: internationaladmissions@federation.edu.au.

For everything else, contact International student advisory: isa@federation.edu.au