Your first few days

So you arrived safely, and hopefully have a few days to spare before orientation - now what?

Once you've slept, eaten and called your family this is a great opportunity to explore your new home properly and complete some important life admin (in no particular order):

Let us know you arrived

Whether you drop into the International student advisory office on campus, or just send us an email we'd love to hear that everything went well with your arrival. This is also a great opportunity for you to ask any questions you have ahead of orientation. Just click on 'Contact us' on the left to find out how.

Be a tourist

Go for a walk, get on the bus, go for a drive and explore the city and surroundings. Check out the official visitor info sites for Ballarat, Berwick and Gippsland or if you're in Ballarat ask us about our guided tour.

Go shopping

Essential gear for when you first arrive may include: SIM cards; food; bedding; and, if you're arriving in winter (or any time in Ballarat), warm clothing. Check out our shopping and eating guide for our recommendations (coming soon).

And, if you haven't already...

Open a bank account

Australia has many banks and we don't recommend any over the others, as we find that they all offer pretty similar services and experiences. Shop around for an account that suits you, make sure there's a branch close to your house and don't be swayed by all the free things you may be offered (unless you really want it). Major banks in Australia include: Commonwealth, ANZ, NAB, Bendigo Bank and Westpac

Find somewhere to live

Whether you prefer to live on-campus, or would rather get a private rental or house share our Finding Accommodation Guide (pdf, 204kb) has got you covered. Make sure you also know about your rights and responsibilities as a tenant and contact us if you need any help.