Living regionally

Your guide to Ballarat and Gippsland

Living in a regional area has many advantages, and is very different from living in the big city, so if you'll be studying at our Ballarat or Gippsland campuses, make sure you familiarise yourself with the area.


Ballarat is approximately 110km from Melbourne, to the north-west, and it takes around 80 minutes to travel from Melbourne CBD to Ballarat by car or train. It is the third largest city in Victoria, with around 94,000 inhabitants. Ballarat is an important historical site in Australia, and the gold mining history is evident in a lot of the architecture and some excellent museums. The city is also well-known for its schools, hospitals and sporting facilities, as well as a range of great cafes, bars and restaurants to explore in your free time.

Further information can be found at the City of Ballarat and at Visit Ballarat

Churchill (Gippsland)

The Gippsland Campus is located in Churchill, within the Latrobe Valley, around 150km east of Melbourne. Churchill is well-served by recreational and cultural activities, and is within easy reach of some of Victoria's finest tourist attractions, natural parks, beaches and ski resorts.

Further information can be found at the Latrobe City website.

You can also download the visitor guide for the Central Gippsland Region from

Around Victoria

One of the great things about living in a regional area is that you have easy access to a wide variety of brilliant places to visit. Whether you're a keen hiker and camper, love to watch and play sport, like to sample local food and drink or simply prefer to relax on the beach or in a beautiful natural park, there are many options around Victoria. We encourage you to use your weekends wisely by exploring the local area and have highlighted some of our favourite trips in the guides below.

Day trips from Ballarat (pdf)

Day Trips from Gippsland (pdf)