My Finance

Keeping track of your finances as a student can be tricky, but we have services on campus to help you.

Our services

Student Finance - These are the guys you pay your tuition fees to. Whether you have questions about your fees or want to pay in person Student Finance is the place to ask. If you are having any trouble paying your fees you should speak to them as soon as possible.

Financial aid - We all have times when we have money struggles, and financial aid is there to help you in your time of financial need. They offer a range of loans and grants for emergency situations, or times of serious financial hardship.

Scholarships and grants - Register online and you may be eligible for a grant to help with your study, placement or personal development.

External services

Here are some governmental organisations that we recommend you speak to. Please note, we cannot vouch for any financial advisers or services other than these governmental organisations. please be very careful with anything to do with money, and if you're unsure, ask us.

Consumer Affairs Victoria - CAV help you to understand your rights and responsibilities whenever you spend money. Whether it's a purchase in a shop, renting a house or buying a car, they can give you advice to ensure you are doing it safely and legally.

Australian Taxation Office - The ATO can advise you on what taxes you should be paying and how to do so. Whether as an individual or a small business owner they also provide your Tax File Number and give advice on superannuation.