Learning & Teaching Committee

2017 meetings

Meeting Date Time Location Agenda
deadline (5pm)
Agenda (member only) Minutes
L&TC1/17 Wed, 15 February 1.30pm Council MR,
Mt Helen and Room 2W263, Churchill
Wed, 1 FebruaryL&TC1/17 Agenda with Papers (pdf,8.7mb)L&TC1/17 Minutes (pdf.164KB)
Planning Day 1Wed, 29 March1.30pmCouncil MR,
Mt Helen and Room 2W263, Churchill
  March Planning Day Notes
L&TC2/17 Wed 26, April 1.30pm Council MR, Mt Helen and Room 2W263, ChurchillWed, 12 AprilL&TC2/17 Agenda with PapersL&TC2/17 Minutes
Planning Day 2 Wed, 7 June 1.30pm Council MR, Mt Helen and Room 2W263, Churchill   June Planning Day Notes
L&TC3/17 Wed, 19 July 1.30pm Council MR, Mt Helen and Room 2W263, Churchill Wed, 11 JulyL&TC3/17 Agenda with PapersL&TC3/17 Minutes (pdf.92kb)
L&TC4/17 Wed, 30 August 1.30pm Council MR, Mt Helen and Room 2W263 Churchill Wed, 16 AugustL&TC4/17 Agenda with Papers (pdf.1.7mb)L&TC4/17 Minutes (pdf.178kb)
L&TC5/17Wed, 11 October1.30pmCouncil MR, Mt Helen and Room 2W263 ChurchillWed, 27 SeptemberL&TC5/17 Agenda with Papers (pdf.1.96mb)L&TC5/17 Minutes (pdf.97kb)
L&TC6/17Wed, 22 November1.30pmCouncil MR, Mt Helen and Room 2W263 ChurchillWed, 8 NovemberL&TC6/17 Agenda with Papers (pdf.2.76mb)L&TC6/17 Minuted (pdf.96kb)


Category Name
Chair of Learning & Teaching Committee (as appointed by Council) Dr Barbie Panther
Chair of Academic BoardAssociate Professor Kim Dowling
Associate Deans - Learning & Teaching from each Faculty:
Federation Business School Ms Amy Barnhouse (Acting)
Faculty of Education and Arts (shared position)Dr Jenene Burke
Associate Professor Margaret Plunkett
Faculty of Health Dr Judith Lyons
Faculty of Science and Technology Dr Barbie Panther (Chair)
Federation College Ms Julianne Krusche (Deputy Chair)
Associate Deans - Student Retention & Success:
Federation Business SchoolMs Amy Barnhouse
Faculty of Science and TechnologyMr Grant Meredith
Faculty of Education and ArtsDr Alison Lord
Faculty of HealthMr Andrew Smith
FedUni TAFE (shared position)Ms Claire Rasmussen
Mr David Scannell
Deputy Vice-Chancellor - Learning and QualityVacant
Director, CLIPP Associate Professor Nina Fotinatos
Deputy Vice-Chancellor - Student Support and Services Mr Jeremie van Delft (Nominee)
Manager, Policy and Quality ServicesMs Rebecca Johnson
Pro Vice-Chancellor (International and Partnerships)Ms Vanessa Brady (Nominee)
Manager, Aboriginal Education Centre (AEC)Ms Jasmine Graham
Elected Members:
VET TeacherMr Liam Frost-Camilleri
Higher Education (HE) AcademicDr Carolyn Johnstone
Federation University Australia student representativeMr James Rickard
Co-opted members:
Library representativeMs Marion Slawson (Nominee)
ITS representativeMs Angela Smith


Executive Officer - Learning and Teaching Committee

Email: academic.secretariat@federation.edu.au

Past meetings

2016 meetings

February L&TC1/16 Minutes (pdf, 251kb)
March L&TC2/16 Minutes (pdf,100kb)
April L&TC3/16 Minutes (pdf, 118kb)
July L&TC4/16 Minutes (pdf, 132kb)
September L&TC5/16 Minutes (pdf, 117kb)
November L&TC6/16 Minutes (pdf, 188kb)

2015 meetings

February Minute 1/15 (pdf, 77kb)
March Minutes 2/15 (pdf, 67kb)
April LT3-15 Confirmed Minutes (pdf 341kb)
June LT4/15 Minutes (pdf,144kb)
July LT5/15 Minutes (pdf.191kb)
August LT6/15 Minutes (pdf,127kb)

2014 meetings

FebruaryMinutes 1/14 (pdf,116 kb)
AprilMinutes 2/14 (pdf, 322kb)
MayMinutes 3/14 (pdf, 533kb)
JulyMinutes 4/14 (pdf, 305kb)
AugustMinutes 5/14 (pdf, 223kb)
September No minutes - meeting not quorate
NovemberMinutes 7/14 (pdf, 252kb)
DecemberMinutes 8/14 (pdf,96kb)

2013 meetings

FebruaryMinutes 1/13 (pdf, 81kb)
AprilMinutes 2/13 (pdf, 89kb)
MayMinutes 3/13 (pdf, 86.3kb)
JuneMinutes 4/13 (pdf, 47.7kb)
AugustMinutes 5/13 (pdf, 67kb)
SeptemberMinutes 6/13 (pdf, 69.3kb)
NovemberMinutes 7/13 (pdf, 77.9kb)

2012 meetings

FebruaryMinutes 1/12 (pdf, 77kb)
MarchMinutes 2/12 (pdf, 60kb)
MayMinutes 3/12 (pdf, 82kb)
JuneMinutes 4/12 (pdf, 77kb)
JulyMinutes 5/12 (pdf, 75kb)
SeptemberMeeting Notes 6/12 (pdf, 81kb)
SeptemberCirculatory Resolution Minutes 7/12 (pdf, 47kb)
OctoberMinutes 7/12 (pdf, 79kb)
NovemberMinutes 8/12 (pdf, 84kb)

2011 meetings

MarchMinutes 2/11 (pdf, 80kb)
MayMinutes 3/11 (pdf, 74kb)
JuneMinutes 4/11 (pdf, 68kb)
JulyMinutes 5/11 (pdf, 70kb)
SeptemberMinutes 6/11 (pdf, 74kb)
NovemberMinutes 7/11 (pdf, 81kb)

2010 meetings

MarchMinutes 1/10 (pdf, 43kb)
MayMinutes 2/10 (pdf, 44kb)
JuneMinutes 3/10 (pdf, 50kb)
JulyMinutes 4/10 (pdf, 50kb)
SeptemberMinutes 5/10 (pdf, 52kb)
OctoberMinutes 6/10 (pdf, 57kb)
DecemberMinutes 7/10 (pdf, 29kb)