Cutoff dates

Due to the need to undergo pre-visa screening and apply for a student visa, International students must stick to strict cutoff dates. We recommend you apply as early as possible to allow enough time for processing.

Please note: many students will package an English and Academic Preparation (EAP) program with their main program. If you will be studying an EAP program, cutoff dates will be based on the orientation date of your EAP program, not the standard semester dates.


Applications for Semester 1, 2018 are now open.

Offshore applications will close approximately one month before the semester commencement date.

Onshore applications are likely to close one week before the semester commencement date.

We recommend you apply as early as possible to allow adequate time for processing.

Apply directly to FedUni

Pre-visa screening

Most international students will be required to complete a pre-visa screening assessment as a condition of their offer. For useful information on this process, please refer to our Pre-visa screening page

The cutoff date to begin the Pre-visa screening assessment will be 4 weeks before the semester commencement date. However, pre-visa screening can take some time, so it is important to provide your forms and documents as early as possible.

Accepting your offer

Once you have met all the conditions on your offer, including passing pre-visa screening, you will need to accept your offer and make your initial payment. We must confirm that we have received your payment before issuing your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). Depending on the method of payment, it can take some time for the funds to be received, so it is important to provide proof of payment as soon as possible after you pass pre-visa screening. For information on how to accept your offer and make payment, please refer to our Accepting your offer page.

You will need your CoE when applying to the Australian diplomatic post for a student visa.

The cutoff date for issuing CoEs to offshore students will be approximately three weeks before the program commencement date. However, to allow time for visa processing, we strongly recommend finalising your acceptance as early as possible.

The CoE cutoff date for onshore students will be three business days before the commencement date.

Missed the cutoff date?

If you have received an offer letter, but have missed the cutoff date, you may be able to defer your offer. To discuss deferring your offer to a later intake, please contact us