Centre for Academic Development

The Centre for Academic Development (CAD) works collaboratively across the university to support, enhance and advance learning and teaching practices. As a Centre, we support quality teaching practices, support quality learning through embedding student academic support, enhance learning and teaching practices through professional development as well as enhancing learning and teaching through quality course and curriculum design. We also support quality, sustainable digital resources and recognise teaching excellence. Furthermore, we advance learning and teaching through scholarship and research and advance learning and teaching through academic projects and partnerships.

Adhock and just in time support Project requests
Just-in-time and adhoc learning technology support or learning design advice. For urgent L&T technology and learning design support, please contact the team on: (03) 5327 6151. To request CAD expertise or support with a course or program design, development or enhancement project, log your request details via the following link. We will endeavor to address your request in a timely manner with the appropriate expertise.

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