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Dr Biruk Tekle

Lecturer, Civil Engineering





Mt Helen Campus, Online

Alkali activated cement mixture at ambient curing: Strength, workability, and setting time

Use of maturity method to estimate early age compressive strength of slab in cold weather

A method for the design of concrete with combined steel and basalt fiber

Bond induced concrete splitting failure in textile-reinforced fine-grained concrete

Mechanical behavior and frost-resistance of alkali-activated cement concrete with blended binder at ambient curing condition

Rheology of alkali-activated blended binder mixtures

Setting time and strength monitoring of alkali-activated cement mixtures by ultrasonic testing

Bond properties of steel and sand-coated GFRP bars in Alkali activated cement concrete

Parametric study on bond of GFRP bars in alkali-activated cement concrete

Bond behaviour of GFRP reinforcement in alkali activated cement concrete

Bond of spliced GFRP reinforcement bars in alkali activated cement concrete

Bond properties of sand-coated GFRP bars with fly ash-based geopolymer concrete