How harnessing waste heat could drive on-site hydrogen generation

Federation researchers are working on a system to generate and store hydrogen on-site by harnessing wasted heat from production processes, addressing key barriers in industry adopting the fuel.

Ecologist wins prestigious ARC grant for work to restore woodlands

9 May 2024

A Federation University ecologist has been awarded an Australian Research Council Early Career Industry Fellowship for her work restoring habitat crucial to many threatened species.

Immersive VR experience teaches parasite prevention measures

13 May 2024

A new virtual reality experience is teaching users how to take preventative measures to avoid parasite infection while they are immersed in a camping scenario in the wilderness of northern Australia.

Researchers develop tool to help businesses reach net zero targets

30 April 2024

Federation researchers have used their expertise in renewable energy generation to develop an online tool to help companies make informed decisions about their future energy investments.

Why developing a motivation of compassion is a necessity

22 April 2024

Understanding the neurobiology of compassion and its application in every area of human endeavour will remain an important evidence-based research undertaking well into the future, writes Dr Lynne Ree

Why the kookaburra’s iconic laugh is at risk of being silenced

18 April 2024

A combination of human-driven factors – climate change, bushfires and land clearing – is rapidly driving down numbers of this iconic kingfisher species across its range along Australia’s east coast.

Developing world-leading AI tech in regional Australia

17 April 2024

Federation researchers will bring their expertise in AI to a program that will develop world-leading technologies in regional Australia by collaborating with research partners across several projects.

Safeguarding the South Pacific's island nations from climate change

28 March 2024

A report showing that 2023 was the hottest year on record highlights the need for more measures to protect vulnerable nations from the effects of climate change, a Federation researcher says.

Kickstarting a lifelong love of running

19 March 2024

Starting a running program for the first time can be challenging, especially for newbies. But the good thing is that we can learn from the mistakes of others who have gone through the same journey.