The new Social Media (Anti-Trolling) Bill: Will it work?

Cyber abuse, such as trolling and cyberbullying, have remained unchecked for too long. There is an urgent need to address and manage these harmful behaviours in a meaningful way.

Why we need to take a cautious approach with long COVID

6 May 2022

For many people, the consequences of catching COVID-19 have been no worse than catching a common cold. For others, COVID-19 can see one or more symptoms persisting months after the infection has cleared their body. These people are said to be experiencing ‘long COVID’. Professor Stuart Berzins discusses the latest research surrounding long COVID, including its causes, symptoms and emerging treatments.

Return to campus 2022 and Federation’s response to coronavirus – advice for staff and students

13 May 2022

The higher education and TAFE year is underway and we’re excited at Federation University to have students and staff back on campus. Our focus is on keeping our staff, students and communities safe, while also making sure our campuses offer great opportunities.

Engaging in change to grow women’s sports

4 May 2022

The explosion in popularity of women's professional sport leagues means a rethink is needed to set the direction for future research into sports knowledge and practice.

Art school heritage on show in new exhibition

28 April 2022

VIDEO  A major exhibition at Federation University’s Post Office Gallery will showcase the history of one of the University’s key predecessor institutions — the former Ballarat Technical Art School.

Does pickle juice really help sport performance?

27 April 2022

Pickle juice is a relatively new idea that has gained popularity among athletes in many sports like basketball, several football codes, including the NFL in the USA, soccer worldwide and the AFL.

Lifelong learning: The key to impactful life and work in the digitally enhanced post-pandemic world

15 April 2022

COVID-19 has caused significant changes to life and work, encompassing new ways of working, teaching and learning with urgent needs for skilling, up-skilling and re-skilling.

Safety in the spotlight as AI booms

6 April 2022

A Federation University researcher has joined a global community that is working to ensure that advanced Artificial Intelligence systems are safe and aligned to human needs and ethical values.

What are ‘binaural beats’ and do they affect our brain?

1 April 2022

Research investigating binaural beats has found positive effects for pain alleviation, anxiety reduction, and memory. But what are they and what’s the evidence for beneficial or mood-altering effects?