The Missing: the inspiring Australians who went looking for the war dead

A digital gallery detailing the humanitarian efforts at the end of World War I has been launched by Victorian Collections, celebrating the efforts of women and men who helped Australian families in their quest for knowledge about their missing relatives.

Creative activation and renewal for urban Mechanics’ Institutes

15 April 2021

Many people will have seen one of the quaint old buildings bearing the name Mechanics’ Institute while out on a country drive or perhaps visited one for an event, but the meaning of these institutes has largely been lost in the twenty-first century.

Coronavirus – advice for staff and students

21 April 2021

The following advice is provided to help our staff and students understand the recommendations of Australian authorities and the measures being taken, to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Australia.

Why we still need to be COVID cautious

12 April 2021

We have low rates of COVID-19 and will soon receive a highly effective vaccine. Can we just forget 2020 ever happened and get back to living life without worrying about social distancing?

Another chance to live the Phantom dream

30 March 2021

Josh Piterman had the lead role in the West End production of The Phantom of the Opera when the COVID pandemic put an end to the show. A year on, he’s reprising the role much closer to home.

A patient’s wishes — and life-or-death treatment decisions

24 March 2021

A study at a busy Melbourne hospital has revealed that many people who present to the emergency department do not have an Advance Care Directive (ACD).

AstraZeneca vaccine – should we pause the rollout?

18 March 2021

Several European countries have paused administering AstraZeneca's vaccine. Professor Stuart Berzins explains why many scientists and medical bodies continue to support it in Australia.

How a short film could aid farmers in the long run

15 March 2021

Researchers hope a new short film will help encourage farmers and agricultural groups to share more information to help the industry make better decisions about farm management.

From mining to medical – how Gekko responded to the COVID emergency

7 March 2021

After developing ventilators in response to the fast-moving COVID-19 emergency, Gekko Systems still had a mountain of work to complete before the life-saving devices could be deployed in hospitals.