Coronavirus – advice for staff and students

The following advice is provided to help our staff and students understand the recommendations of Australian authorities and the measures being taken, to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Australia.

Smoke or smokeless – tobacco toll continues to climb

9 June 2021

Cigarette smoking caused 7.7 million deaths in 2019 as the number of people who smoked tobacco rose to 1.1 billion, while more people also turned to smokeless products.

Graeme Drendel’s Portrait of Jill shortlisted for Archibald

2 June 2021

A portrait from renowned artist and former student Graeme Drendel has been shortlisted for the Archibald Prize – Australia's most prestigious award for portraits.

Aboriginal heroes of fire, flood and food

31 May 2021

The stories of Aboriginal heroes who helped shape Victoria's history are being illuminated through a project that will use film and digital mapping to chronicle acts of heroism.

Working out for body and mind

25 May 2021

The social aspects of participating in group exercise appears to play a key role in reducing the impact of depressive symptoms in older people, a study has found.

New research centre to conserve, protect and transform our regions

19 May 2021

Federation University’s new research centre will bring together expert research and local knowledge to tackle the challenges faced by regional Australia.

Powering up for groundwater study

18 May 2021

A trial on Victoria's southwest coast is using electrical resistivity imaging equipment to give researchers an insight into the level of saltwater encroachment in the region's groundwater systems.

Kidney gene discovery unlocks door to high blood pressure answers

18 May 2021

An international team of scientists has discovered kidney genes responsible for high blood pressure, paving the way for new opportunities to treat the disease.

Core strength: why is it important and how do you maintain it?

12 May 2021

If you have been working from home in recent times, this may have impacted your core strength. So, what exactly is the core? And why is it important to have good core strength?