Helping rural businesses flourish

One of the clearest pictures of issues affecting small businesses in rural Australia has emerged from a large study in western Victoria.


Creating habitat for native wildlife

11 August 2022

VIDEO  Student and staff volunteers are planting indigenous trees and shrubs along a boundary of Federation University’s Mt Helen campus. The 2,000 plants will help protect birds, possums, kangaroos and koalas.

'Cleaning' shark teeth could have surprising benefits for humans

2 August 2022

Researchers are catching some of Australia’s largest species of sharks and cleaning their teeth in a vast study aiming to understand the microbes living inside the sharks.

COVID safety at Federation University and Federation TAFE

11 August 2022

Federation University Australia offers welcoming and safe regional campuses and high-quality teaching and learning across TAFE, higher education and research.

Creating positive legacies through sport

29 July 2022

With Australia hosting major sporting events over the next decade, there's work to be done to get the best result for the communities staging them.

Navigating relaxed restrictions during a pandemic

28 July 2022

Isn’t COVID-19 getting weaker? I’ve been vaccinated – why aren’t I fully protected? The recent findings that may help people decide on the ‘right’ balance of protection for themselves.

Making hospitals more accessible for First Nations people

25 July 2022

A Federation University researcher says changes are needed in hospitals so that First Nations people feel welcome, safe, understood and able to access full medical care.

Keeping women and girls in sport

21 July 2022

Federation University researchers are identifying strategies to increase women’s participation in sports and to understand the many barriers deterring them from participating in physical activity.

Reskilling and upskilling: overcoming manufacturing’s regional challenges

15 July 2022

The pandemic has highlighted the fragility of supply chains and the need for manufacturers to adapt and look at human resources they may not have previously considered.