10 tips to kickstart a lifelong love of cycling

Sticking to a cycling routine for the first time can be challenging. As newbies we all make mistakes in our approach but the beauty of tackling something for the first time is that we can learn from the mistakes others have made before us, writes Dr Ryan Worn.

Protecting a region famed for its biodiversity

17 November 2022

Federation University researchers will create highly detailed maps of a regional council area to highlight its rich biodiversity and to help overcome environmental planning issues.

Adding a pillar of strength to meat processing industry

23 November 2022

A Federation University researcher has developed new cybersecurity measures that could help protect food industries from the growing number of cyber attacks.

There’s more to the wild weather than just La Niña

16 November 2022

Record rainfalls that have led to catastrophic floods on Australia’s east coast have been widely attributed to La Niña, but there’s a lot more going on, a Federation University climate scientist says.

COVID safety at Federation University and Federation TAFE

16 November 2022

Federation University Australia offers welcoming and safe regional campuses and high-quality teaching and learning across TAFE, higher education and research.

Teachers are changing careers – but where are they going?

2 November 2022

Researchers hope the findings from a national study will provide a clearer picture of why people have left their teaching careers and what they have moved to in the next phase of their working lives.

Sponsorship pulls Diamonds out of the rough

1 November 2022

Sports sponsorships have made headlines in recent weeks, none more than the $15 million deal between Netball Australia and Hancock Prospecting and its subsequent collapse.

Meet GUS – a robot to help in the fight against poaching

27 October 2022

Federation University mechatronics researchers have developed a ground surveillance robot they hope could protect rangers from armed intruders in Africa’s vast national parks.

Closing the digital divide in regional Victoria

24 October 2022

The provision of digital services and support to access them needs to be more deeply considered as a social, economic and equity issue to close the digital divide for residents in rural Victoria.