Tackling employment shortages in small communities

The challenges residents of smaller western Victorian communities face in accessing education and training are the focus of a collaboration that aims to get more people into jobs with chronic employment shortages.


The AI revolution — balancing power and regulation

21 February 2024

VIDEO  Professor Peter Vamplew is an AI researcher whose work focuses on the technical side of how these powerful and transformative technologies can be made safer and aligned to human needs and ethical values.

Initiating Intimacy: Why your beau might confess his love this Valentine’s Day

14 February 2024

Via humble beginnings, Valentine’s Day has become a multi-billion dollar industry, where couples spend big on their significant others, and restaurants and hotels see one of their biggest business days of the year. But why does the day of love capture us so?

At last – a transformational agenda for skills and vocational education

8 February 2024

The National Skills Agreement champions ties between TAFE and higher education. We are finally seeing a framework to turbocharge our skills and training capability,” writes Professor Duncan Bentley.

Vacuuming, moving house, unpacking are boring in real life – so why is doing them in a video game so fun?

5 February 2024

In a video game, domestic tasks can be exciting and relaxing, positioning the completion of mundane tasks as entertainment and art, writes Dr Lesley Speed.

Buying a renovated home? You could be up for an extra 10% GST, but it’s a grey area. Here’s a way to end the uncertainty

2 February 2024

When a home that has been 'substantially renovated' is sold, the buyer may have to pay GST. But what qualifies as a 'substantial renovation' is uncertain, writes Dr Christine Peacock.

The remarkable wildlife of Victoria’s South-West

31 January 2024

A new book explores the remarkable and diverse wildlife of Victoria’s South-West, spanning from Melbourne through to the South Australian border.

Exploring hydrogen technology to power next-gen farming

23 January 2024

As the transition to renewable energy gathers pace, researchers are looking at ways to incorporate hydrogen fuel cells into the powertrains of farming equipment that has long been fuelled by diesel.

Is a light touch regulation of AI in Australia feasible?

23 January 2024

As AI becomes more integrated into our lives, the question now is how to regulate it and protect citizens due to a low public trust in AI, writes Professor Duncan Bentley.