Internet Commerce Security Laboratory (ICSL)

Ballarat Cybersecurity Meetup

Welcome to the Ballarat Cybersecurity Meetup, we are providing a series of beginner-friendly talks to build the local cybersecurity community. Our talks are designed to be accessible to anyone, no matter their background or experience. Join us to learn that cybersecurity can be interesting and deeply engaging. Our next meetup will be held at the Ballarat Hackerspace, 6:00 pm on Friday the 22th of March 2024 (details below).

Jonathan OliverCarbon Black 
Paul BlackICSLAn Introduction to Software Exploitation

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Friday 22nd of March 2024,
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Ballarat Hacker Space
136a Albert Street,
Ballarat Central


The Ballarat Cybersecurity Meetup gratefully acknowledges the following supporters:


Eurekative: create innovative prototypes that help businesses launch their projects quickly and efficiently. Their services include designing and developing bespoke software and hardware solutions tailored the client's specific needs. We offer a fast, reliable and cost-effective way to get businesses off the ground

Internet Commerce Security Lab: The ICSL at Federation University has been a strong proponent of cybersecurity in the Ballarat region since 2008, resulting in the successful completion of many cybersecurity Masters and PhD students.

Previous Meetups

DateSpeaker1 Speaker 2 Speaker 3
14/04/2023 Kumar Soorya, Fortian - An Introduction to Cybersecurity Paul Black, ICSL - Getting Started in Reverse Engineering Tim Haintz: Microsoft - From Helpdesk to Cybersecurity
09/06/2023 James Anderson: Google - An Introduction to Red Teaming Matt Tett: Enex Testlab - Global Cybersecurity Lessons Learned from OT/IoT risks Ian Firns: Eurekative - Ancedotes of an Eclectic Cybersecurity Career  From ADF to the private sector.
11/08/2023 Erica Muir: IBM Fraud Prevention For Small Business  
13/10/2023Nang Tip, Ryan Jukes
An Introduction to AISA
Simon McAloon - Vitrafy
Cybersecurity at a Biotech Startup
Tim Haintz - Prompt Engineering Open AI/Chat GPT and Semantic Kernel for Cybersecurity