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MRE Webinar Recordings

The ICSL  has been providing threat intelligence webinars through the pandemic. We have had some great speakers, and the webinars have been well attended.  We understand that the scheduled start times may not suit everyone. To make these  presentations more widely available , we have started to record the webinars and will be making them available here.

17th February 2021

Willi BallenthinFireEye FLARE TeamCAPA Automatically Identify Malware Capabilities
Daniel PlohmannUniversity of BonnIdentifying Library Functions in a Large Malware Dataset

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13th May 2021

Adil BaghirovFederation UniversityAn Introduction To Malware Clustering
Marek MilkovicAvast Anti-Virus Yara Next Generation (YaraNG)
Ian Welch,
Harith Al-Sahaf
Victoria University of WellingtonApplication of AI to Analysis of Malicious Behaviour by Code, Bots, & Humans

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12th August 2021

Mayur KriplaniTelstra Cyber SecurityManaged Endpoint Detection and Response for Enterprise Customers
Paul BlackICSLCross Compiler Bipartite Vulnerability Search
Tarek ChaalanICSLBuilding SOAR From the Ground Up

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Robert LaytonData PipelineAn Introduction to Quantitative Attribution Techniques

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