Academic calendar

Academic calendars list key dates during the academic year, including semester durations, lecture periods and breaks, and public and university holiday periods.

FedUni operates three calendars:

  • FedUni Standard Teaching Periods - this calendar applies to onshore higher education students. Most FedUni courses are studied in a dual semester schedule with a limited number of courses offered in summer, late summer, winter and spring teaching periods.
  • Partner Provider Calendar - applies to offshore higher education students studying through our partner arrangements (with the exception of specific partners approved to follow the Northern Hemisphere model below). The partner calendar operates on a rolling 14 week tri-semester basis.
  • Northern Hemisphere Calendar - applies to higher education students studying under specific approved partner arrangements offshore. This calendar divides the year into two Teaching Periods.

Please refer to Important Dates for VET/TAFE information.

Ballarat, Wimmera and Gippsland campuses

We follow the Universities Australia methodology for determining Week 1 of the academic year for our Ballarat, Wimmera and Gippsland campuses, with Week 1 being counted from the Monday nearest March 1.

We also observe the Universities Australia common vacation dates, which can be found under Teaching Calendar on their website.

For both academic and equity reasons, our lecture breaks are timed to coincide with Victorian school holiday periods. Victorian school holiday dates can be found on the Department of Education and Training website.

Partner-provider calendars

The academic calendar for partner-providers is a rolling tri-semester calendar, with Semester 1 commencing on the Monday three weeks after the commencement of Semester 1 at the Ballarat, Wimmera and Gippsland campuses.

Each teaching period in the partner-provider calendar is of 14 weeks duration, from the start of week 1 to the end of the examination period. Each teaching period is preceded by a one-week orientation and enrolment period, and concludes with a two-week examination period.