About Academic Board

The Academic Board is the principal academic body of the University. The purpose of Academic Board is twofold:

  • academic oversight of programs and courses of study in Higher Education and Vocational Education and Training in the University; and
  • to provide advice to Council on the conduct and content of those programs and courses.

In particular, the Academic Board is responsible for:

  • creating awareness of and providing leadership in relation to contemporary educational issues;
  • establishing a quality assurance framework for learning, teaching and research;
  • recommending and reporting to the Vice-Chancellor on matters relating to learning, teaching and research;
  • regularly reviewing and evaluating the performance of the Academic Board and reporting outcomes to Council; and lastly it
  • provides Council with any requested information.

Academic Board comprises 32 members of which 23 are ex officio members and 9 elected members from academic, teaching, professional and general staff and students of the University.

Terms of Reference

Induction Handbook 2017

Membership 2017

Position on Academic BoardName
Chair Associate Professor Kim Dowling
(term ends 31/12/2018)
Deputy Chair Assoc Professor Elisa Backer
(term ends 31/12/2018)
Deputy Chair Associate Professor Mark Myers
(term ends 31/12/2017)
Ex officio members:
Vice Chancellor and Deputy Vice-Chancellors
Vice-Chancellor Professor Helen Bartlett
DVC (Academic) Professor Andy Smith
DVC (Engagement) Professor Todd Walker
DVC (Learning and Quality) Vacant
DVC (Research & Innovation) Professor Leigh Sullivan
DVC (Student Support and Services) Mr Darren Holland
Chairs of Standing Committees
Chair of Appeals Committee Professor Kim Dowling (Acting)
Chair of Higher Education Curriculum Committee Dr Jenene Burke
(terms ends 31/12/18)
Chair of Learning and Teaching Committee Dr Barbie Panther
(terms ends 31/12/18) 
Chair of Research by Higher Degrees Committee Professor Caroline Finch
(terms ends 31/12/18)
Chair of Research Committee Professor Fadi Charchar
(terms ends 31/12/18) 
Chair of VET Curriculum and Quality Committee Professor Andy Smith
Executive Deans and Executive Directors of Faculties
Faculty of Education and Arts Professor John McDonald
Faculty of Health Professor Penelope Paliadelis
Faculty of Science Professor Mark Sandeman
Federation Business School Associate Professor Bob O'Shea
Federation College Associate Professor Shirley Fraser
FedUni TAFE Associate Professor Barry Wright
Director, Library Services Ms Leeanne Pitman
Manager, Aboriginal Education Centre Ms Jasmine Graham
University Registrar Ms Claire Shaw
Elected members:
Student representative Ms Amy Rickard
(term ends 31/10/17)
Two general staff Ms Angela Smith
(term ends 31/12/18)
  Mr Matthew Cane
(term ends 31/12/17)
Two VET teaching staff Ms Eliza Lane
  Ms Claire Rasmussen
(term ends 31/12/18)
Two higher education academic staff Dr Patrick O'Leary
(term ends 31/12/18)
  Dr Somakanthie Pillay
(term ends 31/12/18)
Two members of the professoriate Assoc Professor Kathleen Moore
(term ends 31/12/18)
  Assoc Professor Philippa Wells
(term ends 31/12/17)


Executive Officer
Ms Shona Adams
Ph: 61 3 5327 6544
Email: academic.secretariat@federation.edu.au;