Health centre

We provide a free campus nurse service at Gippsland and a full GP clinic at Mt Helen, where consultations are bulk-billed. An appointment is only a phone call away.


Berwick Healthcare is located on the FedUni Berwick campus. Bulk billing is available to FedUni students.

Ph: (03) 9796 1500
Location: 76 Clyde Road, Berwick Vic 3806


The campus nurse provides free, confidential consultations to all students and Federation University staff. *No doctors are available on this campus.

Ph: (03) 5122 6425
Location: Student Connect - Building 3N, Gippsland Campus

Mt Helen

The Health Centre is accredited with Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited (AGPAL) and provides confidential consultations by appointment to the University community. It is also an accredited travel health and vaccination centre, available to the University community as well as to the general public. Advice by appointment.

Ph: (03) 5327 9477
Location: Health Centre - Building T North, Chancellor Drive, Mt Helen Campus