HEDx event – Gender Equity and Inclusion


What is the current position of Australian universities in advancing gender equity and inclusion, in particular in academia, and how do we accelerate our progress? HEDx posed these questions at an important discussion at the State Library of Victoria last week, bringing together leaders from across Victorian universities.

Federation has developed a video giving voice to our commitment to gender equity and inclusion played at the event. The HEDx Live Event video will be available at HEDx News in the coming days, while the highlights from the Sydney and Brisbane talks are available now.

Solving sheep’s can of worms

1 July 2022

Tiny worms in sheep and goats cause one of the biggest problems in the meat and wool industries. Affecting health, reproduction rates and wool production, worms can cripple a farming enterprise.

Research shows tropical cyclones have decreased alongside human-caused global warming – but don’t celebrate yet

28 June 2022

The annual number of tropical cyclones forming globally decreased by about 13 per cent during the 20th century compared to the 19th, according to research published in Nature Climate Change.

Developing reliable energy systems for remote communities

21 June 2022

Federation University researchers are working on the development of microgrid power systems that could provide energy to remote towns where power has been cut in extreme weather conditions.