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Malware Reverse Engineering Workshop 2016

Posted: Thursday 7 July 2016

Malware Reverse Engineering Workshop 2016 (MRE-2016) is designed to link industry, law enforcement, government and academia to help solve problems in the malware reversing space. MRE-2016 will look at cyber-security and analytics which may include:

•Threat profiling •Forensics •Fraud Detection •Malware Analysis •Identity Theft

The MRE- 2016 will be hosted by the Internet Commerce Security Laboratory (ICSL).

A range of exciting speakers will be included in this years’ MRE-2016 program to be released shortly. Keep an eye on the website:

Keynote Speakers:

•Daniel Plohmann, Senior Analyst, Fraunhofer Institute for Communication, Information Processing and Ergonomics (FKIE)

•Alex Tilley, Secureworks, Senior Security Researcher, Counter Threat Unit

Costs: Corporate Ticket - AUD $600 plus GST Standard Ticket - AUD $300 plus GST Student Ticket - AUD $200 plus GST Tickets include some workshop materials, morning, lunch and afternoon teas


Registrations open now at Eventbrite:

If you are interested in supporting the workshop or for more information please contact Iqbal Gondal at 03 5327 6210 or

Contact Annette O'Shea
Faculty Research Services Co-ordinator