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Malware Reverse Engineering Workshop now open for registrations

Posted: Monday 7 July 2014
We are pleased to announce that the Malware Reverse Engineering Workshop (MRE) is now open for registration. This workshop aims to share technical advances in the field of malware analysis, including static analysis, behavioural analysis and recent findings in the workings of malware. The workshop will be held on Monday 25th August 2014 in a central location in Melbourne, Australia. This year we are excited to have Pete Szabo, Senior Malware Researcher from Sophos Canada as the keynote speaker.  Pete will be talking about techniques malware authors use to make analysis and detection difficult using otherwise normal components. Other speakers for this event include Jon Oliver from Trend Micro, Paul Black from Phishlabs, Silvio Cesare from Qualys, Dan Xu from the ICSL, Sean Park from Kaspersky and Robert Layton from the ICSL at FedUni. The cost of the workshop is $100 for full registration and $50 for student registration. More information and the registration form is available at
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