Internet Commerce Security Laboratory (ICSL)


ICSL working with Telstra on AMSI Internship

Posted: Wednesday 27 April 2016

The Internet Commerce Security Laboratory (ICSL) is undertaking an AMSI Internship with Telstra on a project titled "Data driven analysis of SS7/MAP Signalling traffic". PhD student Muhammad Amar and his mentor, ICSL Director, A/Prof. Iqbal Gondal will be working on the project over four months.

Mobile telecommunications networks are inter-connected both domestically and internationally with other network operators to provide both the delivery of services such as text messages and to allow for international roaming. These are transported over SS7 and Mobile Application Part protocols.

Telstra is seeking to gain a greater insight into the signaling traffic on these networks and wish to take more of a "big data/analytics" approach to this. The research to be undertaken includes the intern undertaking analysis of SS7/MAP traffic by building data structures to analyse the data across a longer period of time.

This project follows on from another successful AMSI Internship with Telstra and an ICSL PhD student in 2015, Ahmad Azab. AMSI Internships provide PhD students with valuable "real work" experience whilst supported by their academic mentor.

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