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Learner attraction

We know that a lot of Year 12 students have found it tough over the past couple of years. They’ve done their entire VCE in a global pandemic.

We want them, and anyone thinking about a career change or further study, to know that we understand how difficult it has been and we are here to support them to achieve their dreams.

A Student Attraction Taskforce has been set up to get this message to students and help increase domestic enrolments.

This includes everything from pandemic support packages for Year 12 students across our campus regions, to an Early Offers Program, better pathways between TAFE and higher education, scholarships and bursaries to help them focus on their studies and making it easier for students to enrol.

We’ve partnered with local businesses who are displaying Federation posters and sharing our content on their social channels to show that a Federation University education is valued and celebrated in our communities.

We have a vital role to play in giving local students from a broad range of backgrounds, many the first in their family to attend university, the opportunity to fulfil their career aspirations and transform their lives.

As Victoria’s premier regional university, we work closely with local industry to understand exactly what they need and support our students to build the skills employers want.

This is a critical project to regenerate our student pipeline and deliver on our strategic objectives of transforming lives, enhancing communities and building a strong and sustainable university.