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Federation Online

Online education is the fastest growing segment of the university sector.

We have identified that a dedicated online offering is a key platform for growth in our domestic student numbers. An online education service would provide Federation University with a new and diverse student base in a market that is growing year-on-year.

Launching Federation University Online is an exciting opportunity for us to increase our student numbers quickly and significantly, and to expand our reach into regional communities across Victorian and around Australia. This supports our vision of being the country’s leading regional university.

Importantly, Federation University Online will not compete with our traditional on-campus university experience. It targets a new and different group of students than those seeking a traditional ‘in person’ experience.

Curriculum is designed specifically for online delivery by drawing from both existing curriculum from within the University and new curriculum and resources. The best of this product development is being used to inform and enhance our program offerings.

Federation University Online was launched in April 2022 with a focus on health and education programs, in which Federation University has a strong reputation, existing capabilities and industry networks.

The first cohort of Federation University Online students will commence in July 2022, with new programs to be progressively added.