Statutes and Regulations

The Federation University Australia Act 2010 stipulates that the University must enact legislation (Statutes and Regulations) relating to the organisation and management of the University. The legislation contained in the following index has been formally approved and is in force. Any areas not covered by legislation are governed by existing policy.

Federation University Australia Statute 2021

The Federation University Australia Statute 2021 was approved by the University Council on 24 August 2021 and by the Minister for Education and Youth and replaces all previous Statutes effective 01 January 2022.

Federation University Australia Regulations 2022

On 01 October 2022, the following Academic, Students and Operations Regulations come into operation.

  1. Academic Regulations
  2. Federation University Australia (Academic) Regulations

  3. Students Regulations

    Federation University Australia (Students) Regulations

  4. Operations Regulations
  5. Federation University Australia (Operations) Regulations

See also the following linked regulatory amendments in operation from  09 January 2023 available at the links below:

  1. Miscellaneous Amendments Regulations - 19 February 2024
  2. Miscellaneous Amendments Regulations - 09 January 2023
  3. Miscellaneous Amendments Regulations - 17 April 2023
  4. Miscellaneous Amendments Regulations - 25 May 2023
  5. Instrument of Delegation (Student Misconduct) Regulations

Refer here to the former regulations which were superseded from 1 October 2022.