Academic Board meetings

2020 meetings

MeetingDateTimeLocation Paper
1/20 Wednesday
11 March
1.30 - 3.30 pm
Council Room
(Mt Helen)
2W-263 (Gippsland)
901-245 (Berwick)
28 February   
2/20 Wednesday
6 May
1.30 - 3.30 pm
Council Room (Mt Helen)
2W-263 (Gippsland)
901-245 (Berwick)
24 April   
3/20 Wednesday
24 June
1.30 - 3.30 pm Council Room (Mt Helen)
2W263 (Gippsland)
901-245 (Berwick)
12 June   
4/20 Wednesday 2 September 1.30 - 3.30 pm Council Room (Mt Helen)
2W-263 (Gippsland)
901-245 (Berwick)  
21 August   
5/20 Wednesday
2 December       
1.30 - 3.30 pm       Council Room (Mt Helen)
2W-263 (Gippsland)
901-245 (Berwick)
20 November   
Reserved meeting date Wednesday
21 October
1.30 pm - 3.30 pm Council Room (Mt Helen)
2W-263 (Gippsland)
901-245 (Berwick)    
 9 October

Standing Orders

The Standing Orders for Academic Board detail:

  • meeting procedures
  • membership
  • election and appointment procedures
  • committees of Academic Board.

They apply at every meeting of the Board and its standing committees unless the Board resolves that any part of these Orders be suspended for the whole or part of a meeting.

Past meetings

2019 meetings

FebruaryMinutes (pdf, 174 kb)
AprilConfirmed Minutes (pdf, 164 kb)
JuneConfirmed minutes (pdf, 117 kb)
AugustConfirmed minutes (pdf, 170 kb)
OctoberConfirmed minutes
(pdf, 123 kb) 
NovemberUnconfirmed minutes (pdf, 79 kb)

2018 meetings

FebruaryConfirmed minutes (pdf, 105mb)
AprilConfirmed minutes (pdf. 108mb)
MayConfirmed minutes (pdf. 111kb)
June Confirmed minutes (pdf, 152kb)
AugustConfirmed minutes (pdf, 173kb)
SeptemberConfirmed minutes (pdf, 105mb)
OctoberConfirmed minutes (pdf, 104kb)
DecemberConfirmed minutes (pdf, 304kb)

2017 meetings

FebruaryMinutes AB1/17 (183kb)
AprilMinutes AB2/17 (163kb)
MayMinutes AB3/17 (120kb)
June Minutes AB4/17 (120kb)
AugustMinutes AB5/17 (pdf.122kb)
SeptemberMinutes AB6/17 (pdf:130kb)
NovemberMinutes AB7/17 (pdf.162kb)
December (Reserve) Minutes AB8/17 (pdf, 218kb)

2016 meetings

March Minutes 1/16 (pdf, 193kb)
April Minutes 2/16 (pdf, 231kb)
May Minutes 3/16 (pdf,153kb)
June Nil
August Minutes 5/16 (pdf, 187kb)
September Minutes 6/16 (pdf, 142kb)
October Minutes 7/16 (pdf, 183kb)
November Minutes 8/16 (pdf, 200kb)

2015 meetings

February Minutes 1/15 (pdf,167kb)
March Minutes 2/15 (pdf, 154kb)
May Minutes 3/15 (pdf, 105kb)
June Minutes 4/15 (pdf, 259kb)
July Minutes 5/15 (pdf, 267kb)
September Minutes 6/15 (pdf, 181kb)
October Minutes 7/15 (pdf, 211kb)
December Minutes 8/15 (pdf, 220kb)

2014 meetings

February Minutes 1/14 (pdf, 73kb)
March Minutes 2/14 (pdf, 87kb)
May Minutes 3/14 (pdf, 88kb)
June Minutes 4/14 (pdf, 242kb)
July Minutes 5/14 (pdf. 596kb)
September Minutes 6/14 (pdf. 313kb)
October Minutes 7/14 (pdf. 326kb)
December Minutes 8/14 (pdf, 229kb)