Anne Scott Wilson South Facing, 2012 digital photograph courtesy the artist

Anne Scott Wilson: Inside Out

Wed 31 Oct - Sat 24 Nov 2012

Opened by Jill Orr, Lecturer, Visual Arts, Arts Academy, School of Education & Arts, University of Ballarat on Thu 1 Nov @ 5.30 -7.30pm

Melbourne-based artist Anne Scott Wilson often site-specific art practice explores the ways in which meaning is made through motion, primarily using video and photography. Her works aim to evoke an emotional response from the viewer, involving a haptic physicality and a somnambulistic body – the intuitive body that houses all memory of movement, voluntary and involuntary in reaction and response to space. Following her recent work using light, colour and pinhole cameras, Wilson created new architectural interventions at the Post Office Gallery, bringing the outside in and taking the inside out, altering and reconfiguring the space with light and colour.

Image: Anne Scott Wilson, South Facing, 2012 digital photograph. Courtesy the artist