Important dates

Special session proposals:

25 March 2021

Paper submission deadline:

30 April 2021

Paper acceptance:

15 June 2021

Final paper submission:

15 July 2021

Instructions for Authors

All papers must be original and not simultaneously submitted to another journal or conference. Detailed instructions and templates for preparing your manuscripts can be found here.

Submission is via EasyChair online submission system (opening soon).

This conference will bring together top researches, practitioners, academics and students from around the globe to discuss the latest advances in the field of computational intelligence and its informatics, bioengineering and related fields. Computation intelligence approaches include artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic, evolutionary algorithms, hybrid algorithms and other emerging techniques.

Submissions will be peer reviewed and accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings and will be indexed in IEEE Xplorer. Selected papers, after a substantial extension, will be considered for publication in special issue of Elsevier’s Biosystems journal.

We are following the COVID-19 situation both in Australia and internationally. We are hoping to offer a hybrid (in-person and virtual) format. However, as the situation is still volatile, it may be a fully virtual format.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Gene expression array analysis
  • Neuromorphic integration of bio- and neuroinformatics
  • Structure prediction and folding
  • Molecular sequence alignment and analysis
  • Metabolic pathway analysis
  • RNA and protein folding and structure prediction
  • Analysis and visualisation of large biological data sets
  • Motif detection
  • Molecular evolution and phylogenetics
  • Systems and synthetic biology
  • Health: physical and mental
  • Modeling, simulation, and optimisation of biological systems
  • Robustness and evolvability of biological networks
  • Emergent properties in complex biological systems
  • Ecoinformatics and applications to ecological data analysis
  • Medical imaging and pattern recognition
  • Medical image analysis
  • Biomedical data modeling and mining
  • Treatment optimisation
  • Biomedical model parameterisation
  • Brain computer interface

Organising committee

General chair

Madhu Chetty (AUS)

Program chair

Jennifer Hallinan (AUS)

Technical co-chairs

Sheridan Houghten (Canada)

David Powell (AUS)

Tutorial chair

Anil Wipat (UK)

Special session chair

Shandar Ahmad (India)

Proceedings chair

Gonzalo Ruz (Chile)

Industry liaison chair

Dieter Bulach (AUS)

Local arrangement chairs

Tina Bradshaw (AUS)

Adrian Shatte (AUS)

Publicity chairs

Michael Lones (UK)

James Hughes (Canada)

Buddhika Kasturiachy (AUS)

Phoebe Chen (AUS)

Web chair

Suryani Lim (AUS)