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Tacit: Docks & Wharves

James Pasakos
Tacit Art; Federation University

In November 2016, James (Jimmy) Pasakos presented new works in a solo exhibition at Tacit Contemporary Art Gallery, Melbourne. The works consisted of dry-point and monotype prints.

The overall theme of the exhibition saw Pasakos revisit his core work of the Melbourne Docklands and its surrounding areas. A passionate theme for the artist, he has developed works of this nature over many years. The theme continuously informs Pasakos’ identity while simultaneously presenting new narratives to explore.

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Above: Tugboat (2014) detail, Monotype, 13.5 x 22cm, 1/1.

Above: Overpass I (2016) detail, Dry-point, 20 x 15cm.

Above: Docked (2016) detail, Dry-point, 20 x 15cm.