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No More Silence

No More Silence is a vocal and physical exploration of what it means to be a survivor of child sexual abuse. With a script fully comprising interviews with 13 survivors from Ballarat, No More Silence examines how a community responds to its dark past. The work was created while Fae O’Toole and Hannah Davies were students at the Arts Academy, and previewed at the 2016 Student Theatre Festival. The work was further developed in association with the Centre against Sexual Assault, and profits from the performances were donated to the Centre. The cast are all graduates from the acting and musical theatre courses: Lewis Beer, Patrick Schnur, Tess Walsh, Madeline Dunkley, Brendan Faulks, David Gallagher, Raymond Martini, and Iopu Auva’a, and their current producer is 2015 Arts Academy graduate, Laura Telford. Read more on the No More Silence Facebook page and use the hashtag #nomoresilencetour.