Clubs and sporting groups

Whilst life as a Federation University student on campus may be on standby, clubs and societies are working hard to bring you an exciting online program that everyone can be a part of.

Connect with clubs using the links below and stay tuned for what’s to come.

Keep active, stay connected.

University is a great place to try something new or continue developing in something you’re passionate about. Clubs and societies are the perfect platform to get involved in and to get that little bit extra out of your university experience. We are committed to supporting our student clubs and societies - we have over 30 clubs and societies across our campuses.

You can get active or find adventure with our sport and recreation clubs, get some extra professional development with academic societies or just make new friends and have good times with our social clubs. Whether you’re creative, spiritual, sporty or something else entirely, there’s a club or society for you OR the ability and support to start your own club.