Academic Board Executive Committee

2017 meetings

Month Date Time Location Agenda item deadline (5pm) Agenda (members only) Minutes
February Wed 8 1.30pm

Council Room,
Mt Helen

Wed 25 Jan

ABEC 1/17 (pdf, 9.9MB)ABEC 1/17 Minutes (pdf.121KB)
March Wed 8 1.30pm Council Room,
Mt Helen

Wed 22 Feb

ABEC 2/17 (pdf, 18.5MB)

ABEC 2/17 Minutes (pdf.163KB)
MayWed 3 1.30pm C003, Mt Helen
Video  1W303 Churchill 
Wed 19 April  ABEC 3/17 Agenda (pdf.53KB) 
June Wed 14 1.30pm Council Room Mt Helen Wed 31 May ABEC 4/17 
JulyWed 261:30pmCouncil Room, Mt HelenWed 12 July ABEC 5/17 
SeptemberWed 6 1.30pm Council Room, Mt Helen Wed 23 August   ABEC 6/17 
OctoberWed 4 1.30pm Council Room, Mt Helen Wed 20 September ABEC 7/17 
NovemberWed 29 1.30pm Council Room, Mt HelenWed 15 November ABEC 8/17

Membership 2017

Position on committee Name
Ex-officio members:  
Chair of Academic Board (Chair) Associate Professor Kim Dowling
Deputy Chairs of Academic Board Associate Professor Elisa Backer
Associate Professor Mark Myers
DVC (Academic) Professor Penelope Paliadelis (Acting)
DVC (Engagement) Professor Todd Walker
DVC (Learning and Quality) Professor Marcia Devlin
DVC (Research and Innovation) Professor Leigh Sullivan
Chair, Appeals Committee Associate Professor Kim Dowling (Acting)
Chair, Higher Education Curriculum Committee Dr Jenene Burke
Chair, Learning and Teaching Committee Dr Barbie Panther
Chair, Research by Higher Degrees CommitteeProfessor Caroline Finch
Chair, Research Committee Professor Fadi Charchar
Chair, VET Curriculum and Quality CommitteeProfessor Andy Smith


Academic Secretariat

Lisa Francis
Phone: 61 3 5327 6544

Past meetings

2016 meetings

Month Agenda (members only) Minutes
FebruaryABEC 1-16 agenda
(pdf, 570 kb)
ABEC 1-16 (pdf, 65 kb)
March ABEC 2-16 agenda
(pdf, 29 mb)
ABEC 2-16 (pdf, 58 kb)
MayABEC 3-16 agenda
(pdf, 3.7 mb)
ABEC 3-16
June ABEC 4-16 agenda
(pdf, 1.6 mb)
ABEC 4-16
(pdf. 66 kb)
JulyABEC 5-16 agenda
(pdf, 7 mb)
ABEC 5-15
(pdf.  60kb)
AugustABEC 6-16 agenda
(pdf. 2.5mb)
ABEC 6-16 (pdf, 59kb)
October ABEC 7-16 agenda
(pdf. 17mb)
ABEC 7-16 (pdf. 62kb)
NovemberABEC 8-16 agenda (pdf. 1.01 mb)ABEC 8-16 (pdf, 130kb)

2015 meetings

Month Minutes
January Minutes 1/15 (pdf,76kb)
March Minutes 2/15 (pdf, 61kb)
April Minutes 3/15 (pdf, 259kb)
June Minutes 4/15 (pdf, 56kb)
June Extra Minutes 1/15 (pdf, 58kb)
July Minutes 5/15 (pdf, 72kb)
September Minutes 6/15 (pdf, 61 KB)
October Minutes 7/15 (pdf, 71 KB)

2014 meetings

Month Minutes
March Minutes 1/14 (pdf, 81kb)
April Minutes 2/14 (pdf, 282kb)
June Minutes 3/14 (pdf, 283kb)
July Minutes 4/14 (pdf, 298kb)
August Minutes 5/14 (pdf, 255kb)
October Minutes 6/14 (pdf, 248kb)
November Minutes 7/14 (pdf, 247kb)

2013 meetings

Month Minutes
January Minutes 1/13 (pdf, 32kb)
March Meeting cancelled
April Minutes 3/13 (pdf, 36kb)
June Minutes 4/13 (pdf, 33kb)
July Minutes 5/13 (pdf, 32kb)
August Minutes 6/13 (pdf, 33kb)
October Minutes 7/13 (pdf, 1.3mb)
November Minute 8/13 (pdf, 40kb)

2012 meetings

Month Minutes
February Minutes 1/12 (pdf, 42kb)
March Meeting Notes 2/12 (pdf, 60kb)
May Minutes 3/12 (pdf, 50kb)
June Minutes 4/12 (pdf, 52kb)
July Minutes 5/12 (pdf, 68kb)
September Minutes 6/12 (pdf, 86kb)
October Minutes 7/12 (pdf, 53kb)
November Minutes 8/12 (pdf, 48kb)

2011 meetings

Month Minutes
February Minutes 1/11 (pdf, 56kb)
March Minutes 2/11 (pdf, 38kb)
May Minutes 3/11 (pdf, 47kb)
June Minutes 4/11 (pdf, 50kb)
July Minutes 5/11 (pdf, 49kb)
September Minutes 6/11 (pdf, 44kb)
October Minutes 7/11 (pdf, 49kb)
December Minutes 8/11 (pdf, 49kb)