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Entry requirements

Entry Requirements

FedUni's suite of Bachelor of Education programs, the Bachelor of Health and Physical Education, and related double degrees qualify you to be a VIT-accredited teacher upon graduation. These programs have clear entry requirements (see below). All other programs are offered using FedUni's Open Access model, meaning there is no minimum ATAR requirements, and a number of these programs provide pathways into teaching qualifications.

Entry into the Bachelor of Education programs, the Bachelor of Health and Physical Education and related double degrees is assessed on:

  • Academic potential
  • Personal attributes
  • Pre-requisite subjects

Academic potential

VTAC applicants are required to have a minimum ATAR of 65 for 2018 entry.

Direct entry (mature age) applicants are required to have an equivalent combination of prior study and/or relevant work experience.

Both groups are eligible for special entry schemes such as SEAS that provide bonus points in recognition of special circumstances and prior educational disadvantage. If you apply direct to FedUni, please provide further details on your direct application.

Personal attributes

All applicants are assessed on the following preferred personal attributes:

  • motivation to teach
  • strong interpersonal / communication skills
  • willingness to learn
  • resilience
  • self-efficacy
  • conscientiousness
  • organisational and planning skills

Applicants' personal attributes will be assessed using the CASPer evaluation, an online scenario-based assessment that uses a combination of video-based and word-based scenarios. You can view sample questions here.

A number of Australian universities are using the CASPer evaluation to assess personal attributes required for entry into initial teacher education degrees. Your CASPer results can be used across multiple applications to different education programs in Australia. Results are sent to VTAC to be aggregated with each applicant's ATAR score.


Pre-requisite subjects and study scores differ across programs. To see the pre-requisites for each course you are interested in, please go to Course Finder.

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Literacy and numeracy

All students enrolled in an initial teacher education course (either undergraduate or postgraduate) in Australia are expected to sit and pass the Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education prior to graduation. The test is administered by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER).

FedUni is proud that our student outcomes in literacy and numeracy testing are at or above the national average. We believe this is due to targeted and differentiated support provided to students during their studies. Each student’s literacy and numeracy capabilities are assessed early in first year, during core subjects or via a test upon entry. Literacy and numeracy skills are then monitored throughout a student’s studies. This allows for the development of an individualised approach to literacy and numeracy learning for each student so they know where they are and where they need to get to.

A range of support activities are available and may include support classes, study groups and coaching, as well as the FAST program.

Meet Maggie Jones

Bachelor of Education (Primary F-6)

"I was really nervous about getting in to uni. I hadn't studied for 17 years. I left school after Year 11, went travelling, and ran my own business before realising I wanted to be a teacher. FedUni was great at helping me through the application process."

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