Support and services

Financial support

At Federation, we offer a huge variety of scholarships and grants which give our students the opportunity to succeed in their studies without the stress of financial pressure, helping to cover costs including textbooks, petrol, groceries and computers.

We strongly urge all newly enrolled domestic and international students to explore our range of scholarship options, as the chances are that there will be an opportunity for you.

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We also offer financial advice, emergency assistance, a food bank, help with budgeting, and a whole host of other practical, meaningful financial help.

Health and wellbeing

We want all our Federation students to feel good so that they can concentrate on what matters – study, friends, family and life outside of university. That’s why you’ll have access to counsellors who can assist with any issues you might be facing, including stress and anxiety, or issues to do with your identity and relationships. Students can also access comprehensive medical services including general practitioners and vaccinations.

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Study support

We don’t expect you to know everything – that will come with experience as you begin your first semester of studies. To help you with your transition to university we offer extensive learning and study support services, accessibility services and assistance specific to international students to help you improve your academic skills.

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Industry Placement Program (IPP)

The Industry Placement Program (IPP) provides students with an opportunity to gain valuable workplace experience, to enhance their knowledge and skills. IPP is a unique pathway for businesses, government and industry to attract new talent with skills and interests relevant to the workplace. Placements are conducted for 800 hours, for 6 months full-time or 12 months part-time or for 400 hours, for 3 months full-time or 6 months part-time.

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Careers and employability

We provide career advice, assistance with finding work while you study, internships and vacation programs, volunteer work, graduate programs, and graduate jobs.

We offer a broad range of services including a number of workshops and programs on a range of employment-related topics, offered both on campus and online. We can help with writing your resume, cover letter, key selection criteria document reviews, job interview preparation and practice, access to volunteering opportunities, and careers information and resources. We also provide you with access to an online jobs portal, EDGE, which gives you access to a range of current employment, volunteer and skills development opportunities.

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