Return to study

Whether you are looking to return to study, changing careers, upskilling or perhaps studying for the first time, we have courses for people at any stage in life.

How to apply

Mature-aged applicants are assessed using a range of criteria. For entry into degree-level programs, selection officers will be looking for one or more of the following criteria in your application:

  1. Significant relevant work experience which clearly demonstrates that you have met the entry requirements of the program; and/or
  2. Tertiary study, including the following scenarios:
    • Previous higher education studies with results at a pass level
    • Successful completion of a tertiary preparatory program such as FAST
    • Successful completion of a VET qualification at Certificate III level or higher
    • Successful completion of at least one single subject (non-award) study.

Visit our How to apply section for more information.

Note: Some programs have additional entry requirements. Check the Course Finder entry of your chosen program for details.

Mature age - Returning to study Q&A

If you're unsure about returning to study, we recorded our mature-age students Q&A session so you can hear from current students and alumni about their experiences at Federation University and how they overcame the challenges of balancing work, life and study.

Learn about the types of support and services available to build your confidence and be successful in your studies. Watch the Mature-age students Q&A session.

Study support

Having accessible support is a vital part of returning to study. We want to make sure that your experience in becoming a student at Federation University is aided by what is Victoria's number one rated University for student support.

Study Skills for Life: We've created this comprehensive guide of hints and tricks for managing your time productively, essay planning, referencing and more

Online Study Hub: Whether you're new or need a skills refresh, you can find everything you need to know about studying online with our introduction and toolkit.

Unsure where to start?

If you want some help getting started, or you need to know what level of study you should start at, we can help.

For further information call 1800 333 864 or book a free phone consultation with a study advisor.